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  1. 33 minutes ago, Tad Bittoomuch said:

    Right click on an empty area in taskbar and uncheck 'lock the taskbar' if it isn't already unchecked.

    Move the mouse to the topmost edge of the taskbar until a double sided arrow appears.  Click and drag down until the taskbar is the size you want.


    To make sure it doesn't move again, right click on the taskbar again and select 'lock the taskbar'.


    Hope that helped.

    already locked...

  2. uniengine heaven, uniengine valley, ffxv benchmark, furmark, reflections rtx tech demo, uniegine superposition,unreal engine 4 elemental, and for gpu/gaming benchmarking all FREE apps and 3dmark has a demo


    cinebench, prime95,intelburntest, all FREE apps for benchmarking cpu/other and 3dmark has a demo


    most can be found on techpowerup.com guru3d.com majorgeeks.com and elsewhere