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  1. This has been happening since i changed the sata port of this drive on the motherboard. Crystal disk does not report any error. Could it be becouse i changed the drive's port?
  2. Well, i did some cable management on my pc and now my 2nd drive does not like to load things, i have like 300gb in movies that now i can't even see becouse the drive disconnects when it loads stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOVHOs5qdW0 That video shows the problem. Also yesterday i was able to see a movie but the drive got disconnected like 3 times while watching it so i had to re-open the file and put it where i was. Now i can't even load them How can i fix this problem? When i did the cable management i changed the sata cables of my drives becouse one wasn't working, now that i got out that drive, another one is malfunctioning. And sorry if my english is bad, i'm not used to write in it