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  1. Antonio.L

    Using a 6pin adapter on a gpu with 8 pins

    Ffs I’m such an idiot
  2. Just got my new gpu and realise that it uses 8 pins instead of 6 and I was wondering if I need to by an extra part or if I can just use the 6 pin wire.
  3. Antonio.L

    New graphics card

    I am getting a new graphics card tomorrow and was wondering if i still need to reinstall my drives even though it is the exact same gpu as my current except its a different model (from a 960 zotac to a msi one given by a friend). If i do need to uninstall then can someone tell me how to. Thanks
  4. Antonio.L

    GPU issue

    thanks for the help everyone, i have come to the conclusion that its the bearings in the fan that is the issue.
  5. Antonio.L

    GPU issue

    recently my gpu has started to make these noises and was wondering what i should do. i have already unscrewed it and checked to see if something was in the way but there was nothing obstructing it, Please Help! (posted it on this so i could upload the video, sorry.) https://9gag.com/gag/aD1NMxG?ref=w.commentnoti#cs_comment_id=c_155724656261513821