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  1. Shishkbob

    Vega 56 Pulse RX Multiple crashes

    Ok so. I have NOT tryed the bios due to me being inexperienced with ever touch bios on a GPU My psu is +50% atm as every OC guide says to do in order for your card to reach the 1600 ish clock speed area consistently I tried lowering it down to the "balanced" where it is + 0% crashes still occurred randomly. I actually have not only a fresh install of windows but i also ran the DDU in safe mode to give it a fresh driver once this card was installed windows was only up less than a week before i got the card I still DDU'd because of said crashes also i swapped from a 380X nitro Edit. Side note im honestly fine with not even Maxing this cards potential out at this point i just want it to run stable at a consistent clock around 1600 MHZ the card is a massive improvement if i could just get rid of these restarts and driver crashes
  2. So just bought this thing about 2-3 weeks ago looking foreward to the upgrade and the card randomly crashes all the time sometimes it crashes to desktop other times it crashes the entire comp. I've tryed everything i can think of to get it to be stable with out super screwing clock speeds. But to be honest its not even stable on balanced. I cant even run my steam link anymore it instantly crashes the gpu drivers. My system I7 2600k OC to 4.4 ghz 16 GB DDR3 Crucial 250 GB SSD Vega 56 Pulse RX Corsair HX850 I did read something about splitting rails for power delivery which seemed to make sense but then i looked in the case and realized the power was already delivered from 2 diffent sources from the PSU I have tweaked my overclocks here there and everywhere. So yeah I am out of ideas side note crashes happen only while gaming itself never during the benchmarking programs even if i try to stress it.
  3. Shishkbob

    Vega 56 Pulse RX 5gb vram util on desktop

    ill find that and see what it says Update. dled that and its says its pretty much at zero im thinking these amd drivers are really messed up. I read another forum where people are having problems with amd SO FYI Adrenaline monitoring program is buggy as heck... though you can display it in game which is nice...... Side note its driver is 19.4.3 with a clean install from safemode that was done 2 days ago
  4. Shishkbob

    Vega 56 Pulse RX 5gb vram util on desktop

    VRAM im using the on screen monitor provided by the amd adrenaline by hitting Shift ctrl o Udate just this forum is open its at 5.4
  5. Sooo the going has been a bit rough with fine tuning this card finally got it to not crash and to utilize all of the core clock instead of it power throttling itself. SOOOO i figured i about got it after gaming for a few hours i got another crash so im not quite sure its perfect however i notice when i tweaked the settings again that my vram actually went over 8gb during NBA 2k19 (not that demanding of a title). Sooo i exited to desktop and closed everything because i thought ram might be one of the reasons it crash's. Its still sitting at 5gb utilization with nothing open is this just a glitch through the AMD adreniline? side note i logged out and back in on windows and its still at 5. Currently i have my memory OCed to 900 mhz at 1050 Vthanks in advance yall are awesome here
  6. Shishkbob

    Trying to decide on which 1660 ti to get

    Thanks everyone for the help I made a decision yall are awesome and extremely helpful seriously can't thank you guys enough for the incredible help
  7. Shishkbob

    Trying to decide on which 1660 ti to get

    I actually am a amd fan boy but i thought i saw the Vega was behind in terms of performance from the 1660 on bench marks am i wrong on this? Edit. Well actually less of an amd fan more of a sapphire specifically say hire cards ...dont...die .... ever lol at least for me
  8. Shishkbob

    Trying to decide on which 1660 ti to get

    I would like to get the best bang for buck one but I really want efficient cooling the auras is 309 on amazon (I have prime so going to use amazon to purchase) technically my budget is above the Asus strix at 350 but I was just curious on people's opinions and temperatures for other models that might be cheaper a penny saved is a penny earned.
  9. Alright so I've been looking at these for a while now there is a huge variety of styles for the cards. Budget is sort of a thing for me... I guess I'm just a tight wad with money but yeah the Asus strix card was the one I liked the most because of the 3 fans to keep the card cool but I saw gigabyte aurorus that has 3 fans as well for 20 cheaper. Figured i would head here to see if anyone had some input on which ti i should get side note i won't be water cooling it. Thanks in advance