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  1. i just got my motherboard from RMA due to sudden shutdown during normal use. And they stated that they replaced the bios chip since its the culprit of the problemMy question is does BIOS chip have anything to do with sudden shutdown of pc? or PC that keeps on turning on then of then off without getting into post
  2. Cedrick Mapa


    Anyway guys, I'm planning to build a second setup this year. Should I just wait for ryzen 3000 or proceed with the swap? which would be better?
  3. Cedrick Mapa


    yes that's what im also thinking. Unloading my 7600k since in our country its rare to find buyers for my processor.Thanks for your insights guys
  4. Cedrick Mapa


    you're right. thanks
  5. Cedrick Mapa


    oh great, thanks for the answer. I really appreciate it. I'm not really that familiar with the market now
  6. Hi guys, Good day I need your help to see if these trade is a win or lose or fair for me I will be trading my i5-7600k + gigabyte b25m + cryrig h7 plus + $175 for an ryzen 7 2700x + msi b450 mortar + wraith prism rgb cooler is this a win or lose situation for me?