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  1. javathunderman

    ML oriented build?

    Not really interested in overclocking, so would this be a better build? Replaced the 1070 with a 2070 and added a regular CPU fan instead of the liquid cooler. Thanks for your help.
  2. javathunderman

    ML oriented build?

    Hi, I'm thinking of building my first PC with a machine learning/computer vision emphasis, hopefully for <$1400. Through poking around PCPartPicker for a bit and asking a few friends, I came up with this build, which I think will handle ML applications well since the GTX 1070 has a fairly high CUDA score. Anyone have any advice or alternative builds for an ML focused, Linux PC? The System76 Thelio looks sweet but is way outside of my budget. Thanks!
  3. javathunderman

    No Dollar Wasted PC Build Guide

    Hey, first time builder here. I'm considering building a PC for machine learning applications, with maybe a bit of gaming. (Typically running stuff like Tensorflow, Keras, etc.). Would this be a good PC build to follow, even if it's not primarily for gaming purposes? Thanks!