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  1. I have never used proshop are they any good?
  2. I am looking for motherboard recomendations for my ryzen 3600. The MSI tomahawk max is not in stock anywhere in my region (Sweden) so please do not recomend that one
  3. I am upgrading my motherboard from an asus B350 to an MSI Tomahawk max (B450). How do I do it is it just plug and play or do i need to do a clean windows install and such.
  4. Need help choosing a new CPU and Motherboard. I mostly play FPS games at 1080p
  5. Which one is more safe for the future?
  6. I am looking to build a new PC and would like some recommendations on which parts i should pick. The only thing I am set on is a rtx2070.
  7. Then maybe i should upgrade my CPU first and wait for better deals on the rtx cards?
  8. was thinking about a 2060?
  9. Cooler Master G750M, 750W PSU
  10. pubg, apex, bf5 and monster hunter. 1080p. Right now most of my settings are at low but i want to play at high or more
  11. I am thinking about upgrading my gtx1050ti and I am looking for recommendations. 1080p ,144hz, gaming. I have a ryzen 1300x, bf 350-f gaming and a 750watt PSU.