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  1. You dont get me there is no light i look in task manager and ssd sits at low usage but cpu is like 100% all the time with fresh install of windows, only program that is installed is google chrome Also old bios doesn't wonna boot into windows 10, that's why i upgraded it at the first place Before i take out the ssd and rma it i need to make sure its 100% the ssd bc disasembely of my laptop is streessful, lots of riben cables, detaching the screen, lots of uncomfortable stuff going on inside
  2. After months of troubleshooting couldnt find the reason for 90% cpu usage on a HP 255 G3 laptop (AMD E1 6010 + 4gb 1333 ram) So i saw windows 7 would come to an end and as well a good deal for an intel 545s 128gb ssd (brand new for 17EUR) I realised i need to go and insatll win10 Since my laptop required a total disasembely to swap the hdd with an ssd i wanted to try first win10 on that toshiba 500gb hdd I updated the latest bios and installed the win 10, it ran "usable" *(comapred to my pc's i5 6500 and 16gb of ram it was shit) with normal \ low cpu usage but hdd was on 100% than i got a set of small torex screwdrivers and started the update process, took me 1h to complete I started the instalation and as soon as the copying files to disk apperad i saw something was not all right it was slower than on hdd, i taught maybe its my crappy old usb 3.0 drive Than the first startup, oh boi it took full 3 minutes until Please wait, dont turn of youre computer, we are setting things up screen apperad than the final reboot, and it took 67sec to reboot, that was crap, i tried my older windows 10 usb installed same things happening. can anyone tell me is it 100% the ssd bc i will need 1h to remove it and i wonna make sure that it is the problem And yeah no AHCI settings in bios i could find, maybe i should look a little better... I will now try to install ubuntu 19.04 desktop and see how it holds up there, if it works good imma ditch windows since i only used this laptop to manage my ubuntu servers and for web browsing Thank you ahead !!! PS: sorry for typos my keyboard is real bad (amazon basics lol) EDIT: All i want is to confirm that it is 100% the bad ssd, bc i do not wonna go again trough the stress of opening the laptop and unscrewing 40 screws, lots of riben cables, i need to remove the keybaord etc.... Bios is updated bc the old one was not uefi so it couldnt pick up windows 10 usb installer in boot menue (laptop is from 2011)
  3. I use a multimeter to mesure the voltages, if the fan spins it is also possible that the trafos dont output the right voltage, put the negative termianl on any black wire and the positive on yellow, red and orange, yellow one should have OVER 12V , the red one should have OVER 5V and the orange one should be OVER 3.3V, also check if you have OVER 6.8V when you pt positive on red wire and negative on yellow one
  4. I was thinking the same, still that 1 extra sata could come in handy, power isnt a concern bc here in Serbia power is cheap AF 5Eurocent for 1KW/H
  5. pequla

    RTX 2080ti artifacts or is it the monitor?

    Solder broke under the GPU and causes uneven contact, you need to RME or Reball Try running furmark, maybe its your background, try the default Win10 one
  6. As title says I need a good and stable psu to last a long time and dont kill my drives if it goes out I currently use a generic chinese psu that i had laying around just to keep it runing bc i cant do anything on any pc without it I looked at these models so if someone can tell me are they any good: https://www.emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-700w-raidmax-cobra-rx-700ae-b.11.html?productId=64364 https://www.emmi.rs/napajanja-i-dodatni-ventilatori-napajanje-500w-fsp-fortron-hammer-series-ppa500760.11.html?productId=78887 https://www.gigatron.rs/napajanja/chieftec_napajanje_gpe700s_700w_eco_serija-83617 sorry i dont have amazaon ebay etc bc of how customs work in my country, you can take a look on those retailers and give me link for a good une under 10000RSD or 80$ Home Server Specs: Intel Pentium G4560 Asus H110M-R 2*8GB Samsung CL16 2400Mhz 2*1TB WD Blue 7200RPM 2018 Model 1*Generic Toshiba 2.5" laptop HDD 500GB 5400RPM 1*Intel 545s 256GB SSD 2.5" OS: Ubuntu Server 18.04LTS