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  1. ColonelMops

    There is a video using footage from techquickie

    I know. Maybe the staff want to See it maybe not. Just wanted to tell somebody
  2. So, i found a relativly New Video that has footage from a video from techquickie. This Video at 1:43 ( ) The techquickie Video it took the footage from is at 1:25 I dont know if that's okay or not. Just wanted to share.
  3. ColonelMops

    What case to chose over the Silentbase801

    What fp you think of the bequiet dark base pro 900 rev 2?
  4. Hello there, Im looking for a New case and have a Hard time choosing. There is just soo much out there and i have some requierememts. What's Important for me is: Relativly silent OR Airflow but with good dust Filtration (i often game without a Headset) I dont need a window, but if it Has one, i want a psu shroud Fancontroller, included or a recommandation for an good 3. Party Now the tricky part: and optical drive bay would be awesome. I already found 2 to 3 cases i really like. So maybe you could give your opinion and suggest some more! My first choice would be the silent base 801, has everything i need except the optical drive, which is not thaaat Important. Also, i can Mount the motherboard inverted. Wich is nice to have. Thing is. I habe thermal concerns with this case. (i like the Design as well) Second one would be the fractal design define meshify c s2. Again, no optical but Airflow should be no problem. (i like the Frontpanel, not so much the rest of the case) Third choice would be the nzxt h500i. I just loooove the Design. Not much more to say about it. Hopefully someone out there has an idea what to buy. I certainly dont.
  5. ColonelMops

    Upgrading very old PC for LAN Parties

    Should i buy another 4gig 1333mhz just to make sure its Working?
  6. ColonelMops

    Upgrading very old PC for LAN Parties

    Do i need to Upgrade my psu?
  7. Hello! I have an old Lenovo h420 Desktop PC ans want to Upgrade it a bit. The Problem? Little to no Knowhow of what parts would work together or even fit in. I wasnt able to find every thing that's in this thing but here is what i know: RAMAZEL 4 GB 1333MHZ Ddr3 RAM (1Stick) I5 2320 Gt 520 (but Im not sure about that, its definetly not a gtx 520) And i think an 240 Watts psu A hdd1TB, DVD drive and an card for 2 extra USB 3.0 (?) Herr is the sticker from the case I do not want to spend more them 100 to 150 $ I definitly want an ssd. Any thoughts what i should buy? Mayby its an interesting Project so somebody would be interested in helping me :)