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  1. Thank you sooo so much man. it really means a lot
  2. true i absolutely love your reply. so do you think i can grow if i make good videos?
  3. I make all kinds of videos but from tomorrow I'll mostly make gaming , irl will be there sometimes
  4. So I have a very small YouTube channel of 126 subs create in 2017 and I uploaded very consistently for first year but in 2018 2019 and 2020 till now I've been very inconsistent (yes I did upload couple of videos here and there) but I really love making videos and I will start uploading new video everyday starting tomorrow is there hope that YouTube will promote and suggest or may be show my video when searched? Is there any hope if not should I start a new channel? Criticism, insights, suggestions and everything are also welcomed
  5. I am running into this recovery screen and nothing is happening, I even tried inserting a bootable drive but nothing seems to work. My motherboard is b450 pro wifi and I went into the bios and increased the XMP profile to 3000mhz and increased the boot time to ultrafast, now it is causing error for me. As, I have also increased the boot time to ultrafast, I am not able to go to the bios, I tried several times, tried starting the pc and smashing F2 button but nothing seems to work. I am just stuck in this recovery screen.
  6. can you give me something solid might be too extreme but will work im ready to do it
  7. Will it work even if a Windows restore point was not created
  8. Which server and where are you from
  9. So I am a competitive Fortnite player from middle east and lately I was getting over 100 ping (before the match starts the match making server shows 34ms ping in game its a different scenarios) so I went to youtube and searched and watched a video by itsJerian where he suggested some changes and I did all including downloading a software named TCP optimizer of them but since making the changes the ping remained same but I started getting packet loss so much that the game almost got unplayable. So I did the best thing I could. I did network reset but since then my internet stopped working and its showing "ethernet" doesn't have a valid ip configuration. I saw and tried few YouTube solutions but didn't work so I am here to seek some help. Please help me please. If you need any information comment I will reply after checking. I desperately need help
  10. So Dr.Disrespect got $300k pc but the parts dont add upto anywhere close to it if love to know your thoughts on it https://youtu.be/s7c_RqV5O6E
  11. Yeah thats my question will the 3000MHz RAM run at 2666MHz in H310M H motherboard . I'm fine with it if it runs at 2666 MHz speed . But will it run ?