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  1. Oh, thank you very much! I was a bit skeptical on some “E-ATX” model cases really fitting it. I had an EVGA board that had triple channel RAM and was classified as an E-ATX mobo. Needless to say it was quite small in comparison to the SuperMicro lol. You have helped me greatly, likely saving me a headache or two. Thanks!
  2. So, I'm in the middle of getting a new dual Xeon rig up and running, but am having issues finding a good case for my motherboard (SuperMicro X8DTH-6F). Ideally I only want to pay $100-200 for it not $400 like retailers seem to want. Only real requirements are that it has at least one 5.25" optical drive bay, and is EATX of course. Does not have to be new, though bonus points for a window on the side lol. Thanks in advance!
  3. Define cheap lol. I'm thinking kinda ~$350-400CAD here. Sometimes I nail some decent parts with e-waste digs too, which generally are older.
  4. Still have to make a final decision on that one. Price is the biggest thing, being as it's mostly for fun. If I do keep it then I'm not out that much as well. This won't be my main PC. DDR4 costs too much and I may as well use what I have kicking around. If I skip the GPU then it loses the challenge aspect. Sweet, I will likely go with that one. Thanks!
  5. Hey folks, I'm looking to do a mini ITX sleeper build in a graphic equalizer, but need a good motherboard. Requirements: Full size DDR3 modules (not SODIMM), Ideally USB 3.0, and half decent for modern gaming. I plan to sell this when finished. Thanks!
  6. A SilenX Red LED, two black Cooler Masters, and potentially a black Antec 3 Speed.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking to sell my old PC and upgrade to a dual Xeon setup, just wondering what I should sell it for. Graphics card is not one I use, just got it from a friend to sell or trade. Here's the specs: CPU: AMD FX-8120 Mobo: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P RAM: 16GB 4x4GB G.Skill 1866MHz DDR3 GPU: Asus Radeon R9 280X PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500W Case: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition (Modded, so price will reflect that) Cooler: SilenX EFZ-92HA3 (I think, pretty sure that's the right one, and may not sell.) Other: Optical drive, SD card bay, probably only 3 120mm fans, I think I'd like to keep my Corsair ones. Going by eBay it's looking like around $465CAD total. Thanks all!
  8. Yep, that's what the issue is. I'll maybe remove the card and see if there's anything to tighten. I had that same issue with the DVI screws before as well, I just snugged them up real tight. It feels more loose where the pins insert really. The bracket I think is okay. I actually got it from a buddy of mine, he found it lying on a shelf at his work and when he asked around nobody knew whose it was. So it's possible it was dropped off to be recycled as they have an ewaste drop off point there.
  9. Hello, just wondering what may be causing my issue. The DVI port outputs no video if my PC boots up with it plugged in, except for the Bios screen. However if I plug the cable in after booting, it works fine. With a DP to DVI there is no issue with that, or with HDMI. GPU model: Zotac GTX 960 2GB. Persisting with various drivers, and several machines, so likely a hardware issue with the output connector. It does seem to be more loose than my 1050Ti. Likely not something I can fix, but I figured it's worth asking. Thank you!
  10. Ah. Very good, very good. Ya, that'd be an easy fix with a dremel. Thank you!
  11. Hey all, this listing on FB marketplace has me confused. Looking at it on Dell's website (https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/pedge/en/server-poweredge-t610-specs-en.pdf), it appears to have dual socket support, but the seller says only one, which looks like it may be the case. Is it a Northbridge cooler? Also, what PCI-E version is that?