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  1. I was about to install the system but when it tried to boot I just get a stop sign icon. However it slowly spits out more text that is unable to be read and after awhile it prints out blank lines for eternity. I've recorded the boot up which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m16298PmNTI I've done this 5 years ago on a physical system but I broke my computer (seemed to be unrepairable) while doing that. That's why I wanted it to try it this way with GPU passthrough. Also I've tried the -f and -x flag as well but the same output occurred. Since I can't see any error in the output I have no idea where to look for an answer. Am I missing something? What am I supposed to do next? I've attached my xml configuration of my hackintosh. I think that's all the relative info I have. hackintosh.xml