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  • CPU
    AMD Athlon X2 250
  • Motherboard
    Acer Veriton M420 Motherboard
  • RAM
    2x1 GB
  • GPU
    ATI HD 3200 IGP
  • Case
    Pre-buit Acer Veriton M420
  • Storage
    160GB HDD
  • Display(s)
    ViewSonic E55 CRT Monitor
  • Keyboard
    Dell Keyboard
  • Mouse
    I-Rock Mouse
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  • Operating System
    Windows 7 32 bit

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  1. Is Intel Core i9 9900K or Core i9 9980XE good for VirtualBox?
  2. When see your system requirements of Adobe After Effects 17.0, It says that requires Windows 10. Is there anyway to run Adobe After Effects 17.0 on any Windows 7 or 8.1 or Linux PC?
  3. Windows 7 on Very Old PC, such as Windows 7 on Pentium MMX PC?
  4. Looking HDD that same as SSD read and write speed.
  5. I want to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET without trying another isp and website owner? Medium cannot load page on all browsers. What is the best way to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in Chrome without trying another isp and contacting website owner?
  6. My PC running Windows 7. What should happen if windows 7 support ends after january 2020 and will be able to run most programs on windows 7 after support ends?
  7. Can you game on Intel/AMD or ATI/NVIDIA Integrated Graphics, even with 5400/7200 rpm HDD/SATA SSD/M.2 NVME SSD or Small size ram (ex: 2gb ram) or Low end cpu (ex: AMD Athlon X2 II 250) and Old Graphics Cards?
  8. Can I run Windows 10 on less than 2/4 GB RAM, old graphics cards, older cpu than pentium 4 LGA755 and even Old HDD (4200rpm and 5400rpm)?
  9. Here, now please stop asking about services like this ;



  10. I'm looking for alternatives to Xcode for Windows. I was asking If there is way to develop/run/build ios apps on windows or even linux?
  11. I'm asking If there is way to run Roblox Studio on ChromeBooks? I tired Cameyo, they have no internet connection, Are there any sites that allows you to run Roblox Studio in Chromebooks?