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  1. Oh, sorry! Something I overlooked. Thank you! Will edit the post.
  2. Hi guys. So I'm currently using my old-ass i5 3470 with 8GB of RAM and GTX 560. Planning to upgrade to a Ryzen, just not exactly sure what gen.. I'm torn between R5 2600 and R7 1700. In our country (PH) they are almost the same price (only around 10-20usd difference) and this leaves me with the question, what CPU is better for editing? I mainly use Photoshop and Illustrator, with a bit of Premiere Pro almost everyday. I have heard that R5 2600 is better for gaming but the extra cores and threads on the R7 1700 deliver better productivity performance. Also, would it be reasonable to go for 32GB of RAM, or is 16GB enough? For the GPU, I'm thinking of an RX 580 8GB (because I have been told that more vram = better editing performance, can you tell me if this is true?) or a Vega 56. Though I've been eyeing RTX 2060 because its prices here are about the same as an RX 580 (20-30usd difference) but I am a bit worried if i would encounter any bottlenecking I'm sorry for the lengthy questions, I just want to hear opinions from experienced enthusiasts that you all are. Thanks in advance! ♥