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  1. Hi i apologise for the long wait. I am unable to do the test as i had already returned the cloud 2 headset. Im at the point where i think im hearing a higher pitch noise than some people could hear. im aware how stupid that sounds. Im currently using an extension cable from the 3.5 jack and have my earbuds plugged into the extension. It seems to minimise the sound alot and i can barely hear it. I do have an old pair or razer headsets that i could try. One has the usb cable tangled up and if i move the headset at all the sound cuts out. The other has a snapped headphone holder so one side just dangles. In both i hear the static when the volume is turned above 70 in windows. I also hear ringing in the left side only of both headsets. If i open CSGO (the game i play most) i get no static until i click something on the menu and then the static plays for a solid 10 seconds like it did when i had he cloud 2s. I can post images of the inside of my pc if you would like or anything that may help. Im unsure if this noise is normal and i just happen to notice it alot more. Im also looking at purchasing cloud 2s again and trying it all over again to find the problem. Again sorry for the long wait i had some other things going on.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. My setup is literally just an extension from the motherboard audio jack to the front of my pc and then i plug in my headphones. Im guessing its just a normal static and im just noticing it more (?). I really dont know. The best way i can explain the sound is if you go into sounds, right click your audio output and click test. After it plays the noise theres 1 or 2 seconds of static. Its like that but much more diminished.
  3. So i built my PC over christmas this year. I have learned so much about computers and such. I have upgraded my gpu and cpu cooler. overall im very happy with my PC. But since the start iv had this feeling with my motherboards audio. i started out with the old earphones in front jack setup. I decided to go get some new headphones for gaming. I went with the hyperx cloud 2 headset. Got it plugged in and noticed a small static from the audio. Since then iv had another 2 headsets which did not have the 7.1 surround extension the cloud 2s have. Im beginning to think im crazy. In all headphones while audio plays i feel like i hear a small static. when i watch youtubers i feel like i hear static from them. Is this just normal or am i experiencing a ground loop or something ? I bought a ground loop isolator and noticed the static was much more diminished but at the same time made the audio much quieter. I then noticed that if i change the realtek settings from 24 bit highest studio quality to 16 bit lowest cd quality the static is much worse. On the cd quality if i play any audio and pause it i get a loud static for around 10 seconds then it stops. Im just lost with this and really dont know what to do. is this small static normal from audio headphones ? Anyone iv asked to listen doesnt hear it but i definitely hear it both when in cd quality and with headphones on. really cant tell if its normal or what. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I am currently using the B450 tomahawk and it has no CPU_OPT. It does however have a pump_fan. Would you say this is actually a CPU_OPT simply with a different name ? If its a case of choosing between the splitter (having no rpm reading) and plugging each fan into the cpu and pump *and having a reading) id go with the second option.
  5. Hi. I have tried both fans in the same socket one at at time and there is no problem. When i use the y splitter is when the problem seems to occur.
  6. Basically i went out and got a new cpu fan, The noctua NH-D15. Everything seems to have went well so far. i can control the fans etc but everytime i boot up i get an error message basically saying "cpu fan not detected please check". I then enter BIOS and see that the cpu fan is not there. No RPM or anything at all. But if i change the fan setting to any of the 3 (DC,AUTO or PWM) it changes the fan speed and im basically at a loss. I already tried making sure the connection for the fans was in correctly and it seems it is. I am using both fans and the splitter cable. Could really use some help.
  7. Thanks for the input. I think im ready to go for it. also appreciate the reply in my older thread but think im gonna go with the NHD15.
  8. Gotcha. Can i ask why i should use the low noise adapters ? they seem to be pointless when i can manually change the settings. From what i have managed to read they seem to be for motherboards where you cant manually change the rpm
  9. Thank you for the reply man. By use the low noise adapters you mean fan plug>noise adapter>mobo socket ? Sucks i missed that but thanks again. Everythings looking fine as iv just found evidence that the clearance for the ram is 100% going to fit. Can i quickly make sure that both fans are supposed to pull air through and neither should be pointed any other way.
  10. Hi im going to buy the noctua D15 Cooler. I have 2 questions. AM4 Cooler - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01NC06ZYT/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A38F5RZ72I2JQ Basic Cooler - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00L7UZMAK/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A38F5RZ72I2JQ Which one makes more sense to go for ? I cant really see any difference other than the am4 socket one comes without the LGA bracket (i have an am4 mobo) The am4 one would take longer to deliver but if thats the only difference i will obviously go for the quicker one. But aside from that is there actually any difference between the 2 ? Secondly once i order it im unsure which fan goes into the cpu fan socket and which one goes into the system fan socket. Those are basically my 2 questions i appreciate any replies.The cooler is designed for high clearance RAM so i should be fine seeing as i have normal ram and the RAM stick would have to be massive to touch the cooler. Edit: I will add my rig incase you are wondering PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $174.89 @ OutletPC Motherboard MSI - B450 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard $109.89 @ OutletPC Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory $94.99 @ Amazon Storage Crucial - MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $59.99 @ Adorama Storage Toshiba - P300 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $89.48 @ OutletPC Video Card Zotac - GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB Mini Video Card $439.49 @ Amazon Case Phanteks - PH-ES614PC_BK ATX Full Tower Case $105.98 @ Newegg Power Supply EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $59.99 @ B&H Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total (before mail-in rebates) $1174.70 Mail-in rebates -$40.00 Total $1134.70 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-05-21 17:16 EDT-0400
  11. Hi. No the PSU is never loud actually. It has eco mode where the fans spin only when needed i believe (?) come to think of it i hardly ever hear it spin but i do have it set to not interact with the rest of my airflow and has its own little air flow system. With the case i have i dont mind about how it looks. If you think the cooler looks good i think ill take what you said into account
  12. Hi, my current rig is below. So far i have been using the stock cooler for the CPU and i peak at 80c at the absoloute highest. i am interested in streaming so was looking at the Noctua NH-D15 as a cooler. Is this a good cooler to get ? Im struggling to find a good cooler and could use some advice. i typically sit in the 70s area while gaming and would like to get that down. I do have the stock fans in my case. My CPU also does automatically OC to 4.2. So far iv read only positive things about the cooler but im still unsure. basically i want it to be better than the current stock cooler and idk if it will be so would like some advice on whether this is the right cooler to go for. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor £168.44 @ AWD-IT Motherboard MSI - B450 TOMAHAWK ATX AM4 Motherboard £89.98 @ AWD-IT Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory £85.38 @ Aria PC Storage Crucial - MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive £53.85 @ Amazon UK Storage Toshiba - P300 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive £48.95 @ Amazon UK Video Card Zotac - GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB Mini Video Card £235.44 @ Amazon UK Case Phanteks - PH-ES614PC_BK ATX Full Tower Case £87.95 @ CCL Computers Power Supply EVGA - SuperNOVA G2 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply £89.97 @ CCL Computers Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total £859.96 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-05-21 15:20 BST+0100
  13. Ty for your reply. It does make more sense. basically it would cause bad airflow with 2 intakes and 1 exhaust. The only problem i have now is that i cant install it on the front because i have a HDD installed and it looks like to install it in the front i would need to remove all possible HDD cages. The other options are the previously mentioned top mount and the floor of the case but that would be the same as top if not worse. Unless the bed for the HDD cages allows for a HDD to be installed under it. Im basically asking your advice because im thinking of waiting until i can afford a better SSD and get rid of the HDD and then going for the AIO then.
  14. Basically im planning on getting an AIO cooler for my r5 2600x. The case i have is the non glass panel phanteks enthoo pro. I have been doing research on AIO's etc. and have found that im much better off installing the AIO as the front intake than top exhaust for temps (thanks bitwit). My question is why cant i install the AIO as an intake on the top ? I feel like its as simple as "you cant idiot" but i gotta ask anyways. Isnt it as simple as installing the 2 AIO fans as case fans then screwing the radiator into the fans ? Also idk if i can actually install on the front without removing my HDD drive. Again i apologise if this is the dumbest question you have read all year but you have to start learning somewhere and this is my first time operating with AIO's. Any replies are appreciated and either way im glad im able to learn.