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  1. I put my g pro wireless on on-board memory mode a while back and now when I try to switch it back to normal I can't find a way to do it. There is no option on G Hub nor LGS. I can't change dpi, lighting, pretty much anything. The onboard memory options are just gone in GHub and LGS. I've tried renstalling both the softwares to no avail.
  2. Nope. I made sure to stop any unnecessary apps and disabled windows defender as well.
  3. I've been encountering a weird thing while gaming which never happened before. I installed doom and the game will play fine for a few minutes at a stable 90-110 fps and suddenly drop to 24-30 fps for about 30-40 seconds (even in areas where I normally get excellent FPS) and then back to normal. I've tried Vulkan and OpenGL and all the V-Sync options but it's the same. Moreover, this is also present in Assassin's Creed Origins although it is much less often. I play on a laptop and it has been thermal throttling quite a bit with my CPU going over 95°C and GPU peaks at 90°C. I did try undervolting and disabling turbo boost but the issue persists and I don't think it is due to the temps but rather something with the game because once the bug is over the games go back to smooth fps over 60 at all times even if the CPU is throttling. Any solutions? Laptop Specs : i7 9750h 8GB 2666 DDR4 RAM GTX 1650
  4. I'm currently using an ASUS ROG G531GT laptop with an i7 9750h and the idle memory clock of the CPU is always above 4 ghz but once I put it under any sort of load it throttles down to somewhere around 3.2 ghz. My laptop is on balanced power mode and I have never overclocked it. I applied a 0.120V undervolt and the processor still throttles under load and temps always go beyond 90°C while idle temps are around 65-70 °C. I haven't replaced the thermal paste yet since I'm out of them and I can't get any right now due to the pandemic. Any suggestions on how I can at least get the CPU clocks to go down when idle like a normal laptop?
  5. I recently got a new fiber internet connection but the problem is the only way i can access the internet is by using the Dial-Up option and manually connecting to the internet. Moreover, when I use Dial up my internet becomes about 5 times slower. I have been occasionally been able to automatically connect to the internet few times randomly when i turn on my PC . I have tried contacting my ISP but they can't seem to find a solution. In the image provided you can see 2 connections : 1 is the ethernet which shows as unidentified and the other is a WAN PPOE which shows up due to connecting through Dial up. I have tried using other DNS, CMD commands and updating drivers but nothing seems to work. Note : I am presently using the company's modem directly without a router.