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  1. Hey all. I’ve had my pc for over a year now with no problems, or BSOD. Well today I got a new keyboard. I unplugged my old keyboard while the pc was asleep, and plugged in the new one. I pressed the space bar to wake the pc from sleep and it immediately went to a memory Management BSOD. Was this because of plugging in the new keyboard, are maybe just a fluke? I did a memory test and it detected nothing. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. I also have a 2080 TI. Will the aorus work with that and free sync?
  3. Hey y'all! I am needing help in deciding which monitor to go with I have a dell s2716dg now but I am wanting to switch from TN to IPS, mostly because the dell has major color banding and I have grown to hate it. The asus mentioned in the title is notoriously known for IPS glow and back light bleeding, which is ultimately keeping me from forking out $600 for that monitor. The Aorus looks like a good monitor but it has freesync and I have an Nvidia GPU Help plz?
  4. Hey all. So I recently got a razer huntsman elite. I love the keyboard and how the key switches sound however after the key press I can hear a sort of "Metallic" pinging sound. I assume from the ringing of the stabilizers since each switch has one. Is this normal with every razer huntsman or a quality control issue?
  5. So I have been reading forums about the box jades breaking keycaps. Would that be a concern for my alt?
  6. Are you familiar with how the jades feel? Are they stiff or smooth?
  7. I actually was considering those. They have them on KBDfans but I am unsure as if they are PCB or plate mounted.
  8. Okay guys. I need your help. I have been trying to decide between two keyboards. the Massdrop ALT with cherry blues or the Razer huntsman elite. I really like the ability to change out key switches with the ALT. It also has really good rgb lighting and PBT caps. But I LOVE the sound and feel of the razer opto-mechanical switches. but has abs caps (which I dont think is that big of a deal) and has multi media keys. I would really love some feed back on this. I am typing on the ALT as I returned the huntsman but I am having second thoughts.
  9. It is recommended to use separate cables for each connector in a gpu, but not necessary. It will be fine if you use one cable for both connectors. Jaystwocents did a great video on this.
  10. @Genwyn Update: So I never did run furmark, but I was able to play games yesterday for a few hours with no crashes or artifacts. It acted normal. All memory and boost clocks stable and temp was good. It also does fine in heaven benchmark.
  11. I will try furmark later when I have more time to stay around it while it is running. Before I had to leave I played a match in fortnite, I Have most of my settings set to high. And I did not see any artifacts or crashes. I know that may not mean anything though and the card could still be going bad. But I guess I am hopeful that I didnt see anything wrong.
  12. I should have stated before I have a Corsair rm850x that’s about 8 months old. Could have setting that fan curve messed with power consumption- voltages?
  13. Hey guys. So I installed after burner to adjust the fan curve on my 2080ti get so it would be so hot while running games. I was satisfied that the curve brought my temps down from 82c to around 70-73c. I have not applied any over clocking to the card in after burner. This morning I started my rig up and started fort nite for it to crash, then I started the evil within 2 and that crashed. For a second before it crashed in the EW2 I saw some “Christmas Lights” but in fortnite before it would crash I didn’t see any. I had to do a hard reset after the ew2 crashed. After that, it seems to be working fine. Fortnite and ew2 plays with no problem. I even ran heaven benchmark for a little bit after the crash and it looks fine too. So this a fluke? Driver malfunction maybe? Should I be thinking about RMA? AGAIN I have NOT applied any overclocks in after burner, just a custom fan curve.
  14. And did it go back to normal speed almost immediately?