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  1. JLBminestine

    choosing a case

    i just done that and that has confussed me even more!
  2. JLBminestine

    choosing a case

    ok thanks so 2 GPU's will fit in this case
  3. JLBminestine

    choosing a case

    Hi im in the middle of choosing a case and it could be the thermaltake v200 with an ROG STRIX Z390-E GAMING motherboard and 2 rtx 2080's. Will the temps be fine and will it all fit? Also i dont know what slot config i will put them in i was thinking a 4 slot or a 3 slot config for Nvlink.
  4. JLBminestine

    will this work?

    Thank you everyone for the tips and suggestions. it will be used for Rendering amd running 5 4k moniters and gaming. Also i take it that all this will work when i order it.
  5. JLBminestine

    will this work?

    Is every thing compatible? Will it work?