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  1. Sivan

    Assembling a new computer

    Budget wise I live outside the US so prices are difficult to compare...
  2. Sivan

    Assembling a new computer

    Will look into it. Thanks
  3. Sivan

    Assembling a new computer

    I know Lenovo legion has an option to upgrade future parts, do u know of others like it that run at a lower price?
  4. Sivan

    Assembling a new computer

    Sorry, forgot about psu...I thought this could do: Corsair 550W 80+ Gold TX550M Thanks for the suggestions
  5. Hi, I am thinking about assembling a computer from the following. This is for a 12-year-old who wants to play computer games. Hoping to get your opinion if it is ok, or if you have suggestions for alternatives. I don't want to invest too much and he is not a gamer, but does want to run games such as Sky Rim....