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  1. PrincessX

    Is my GPU dead?

    I would think I would get some kind of error or refusal boot if the card was dead, or am I wrong? Like I said, never had a dead card before so no idea what’s going on.
  2. PrincessX

    Is my GPU dead?

    I have tried swapping the PCIE connectors as well as replacing them altogether. I replaced the original connectors from the G20 which didn’t work and tried new connectors with the new HX750 as well. The fans do spin. Maximus Hero VII displays A0 which as far as I can tell means no errors once booted into Windows. I did try DisplayPort as well. Same result, boots fine but not detected by Windows and switches to onboard graphics despite BIOS being set to PCIE.
  3. PrincessX

    Is my GPU dead?

    There is no damage to the contacts or anywhere else on the card. Windows does not detect the card in either computer.
  4. PrincessX

    Is my GPU dead?

    Hey all. First post. I’ve been messing with this GPU forever and its making me crazy. I have an Asus G20CB with i7-6700 and GTX 980. Used it as my VR machine exclusively for about 2 years, then it suddenly started using the onboard graphics. G20 wasn’t even on when this happened. I figured the graphics card was dead as all other components were verified to be working normally. When I rebuilt my main gaming rig, I pulled out my old GTX 980 Ti and installed it in the G20CB. Surprise, the 980 Ti didn’t work either and it was working perfectly in my old system 30 minutes earlier. This led me to think it was possibly an issue with the cables or right angle adapter so I replaced them all, one at a time. Nothing worked. I started to think it was a mobo issue so I took the hard drive and SSD from the G20, what was left of my old rig (i7-4790k, Asus Maximus Hero VII, 16gb Corsair Vengeance, all verified working perfectly) and I built a new system with a new PSU (Corsair HX750) and new cooler (Cooler Master 212 Evo). It boots fine, no issues. All parts are working as expected.. except the GTX 980. When the HDMI is plugged into the GPU and with graphics set to PCIE in BIOS, it still bypasses the GPU and uses the onboard graphics. Fans spin, lights come on, but no video output from the GPU. It’s behaving exactly like it did in the G20. Am I beating a dead horse? I only spent about $80 on a new cooler and case as I had the rest on hand so I was really hoping to salvage this thing, but I’m at a loss for what else I can try. I’ve never had a dead GPU so I don’t know when to call it. Any help is much appreciated!