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  1. This has happened after i let my little brother on my pc. Videos on my pc appear in this weird cut in half and bigger on the right half. Luckily this only happens on the Edge browser, but lately i found out it also occurs on games/software that utilities video tutorials (one example is Aim Lab where all the videos that explain how the training tasks work, appear this way). This is why i think it's a OS problem or some option i can't seem to find. Attached is a photo that shows the problem on a YouTube video on Microsoft Edge.
  2. Also have tried as i stated above pressing like a mad man every function button and the above arrow keys botons (insert delete end home ect) Still to no avail. How do u reset the cmos without taking out the cmos battery?
  3. well i have already tried that countless times but it just boots to windows enter your password page.
  4. So i build my 1st pc around 4 months ago. Since i build it i had to manually install windows, ect, and all was good and dandy, tried since the beginning to overclock my ram to the 3200 cl16 as advertised and the pc didn't start i said well who cares my priority at the moment was playing so i thought to myself i'm going to overclock the ram later. 3 months pass and i finally stumble upon the the right configuration for my specific ram (trident z 3200CL16) with the timings 18-18-18-36, so i thought lets change that since everything else in my build runs at 98% of all samples as seen on user-benchmark (ryzen 5 2600x @ 4.2GHz (103% avareage bench )with the stock cooler and a strix rog top rx580 ruining at a stable 1440mhz(79% avarage bench)) but my ram was like 56% since it was 16 gb at 2133mhz. So i turned off my pc then tried to re access the bios but to no results. Every time it just boots to windows immediately (even tried to turn off fast boot but it neither increased the boot time nor showed the bios logo). Basically when i turn on my pc the ROG logo of my mothernoard (b450-f rog strix) doesn't show like on every other pc i have owned in the years. i love the quickness of the boot but not at the cost of having my bios inaccessible by any standard mean. So for almost a month now i have watched almost every thread related to bios-es not opening. I've already tried restarting windows while holding shift to go to advanced settings and change bios/uefi settings but to no result. Have turned off the pc multiple times while spamming every top row key (F1-F12 and even insert,delete,home,end,pg up,pg dn). All to no result. now i know that by removing the sata cable of my boot drive i will be forced to the bios but i would like to know an easier less invasive method that can be used often since i cant just start unplugging my ssd every time i have something to change on my bios. Thanks in advance