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  1. It seems problem is with my motherboard and GPU.But main problem was GPU as i managed to launch my OS and got warning that y GPU is overheating.So decided to take out GPU and replace thermal paste.And what i saw there was main problem. manufacturer put to much thermal paste and was spelled over the board and was touching some components. I cleaned and replaced thermal paste, but damaged already done so my GPU or motherboard is not working properly anymore even if after this fix. Though i can still use and game, but still have problems with booting and sometimes after restarting pc my gpu showing just black screen. So in future I'm replacing motherboard and gpu, alsow will be looking for new cpu. So if any one has any recommendations of motherboards cpu and gpu.Of course, because im not a rich man, i would be looking for budget parts. P.S highly appreciate for help.
  2. No, only fans spining and nothing more..
  3. P.S i have Corsair CX450 psu,Gtx 1050 graphics card.DDR2 8gb and 2gb of RAM.And for CPU I don't remember.The motherboard is M2N68-LA
  4. So i have pretty old set up.And i having problem for booting up.Most of the times when trying to power on computer i can see fan spining for cpu,psu and graphics card, but have no beeping error, just fans keep spining.But nothing more. Though sometimes it boots up, but rarely after 10min of waiting.Most of the the time it's just black screen and fans spining. I tryed replacing RAM, HDD, Monitor.Tryed to remove one by one parts for at least to hear some beeping, but still only spining fans and nothing more. It's probably motherboard for my guessing, but still came to hear any other troubleshooting ideas.As at the moment can't afford replacing motherboard or any other parts. P.S sorry about my English
  5. Hello, i bought Intell x5460 CPU. The CPU it self is modded to fit and run for LGA 775 (This CPU is for 771 motherboards). I have FUJITSU SIEMENS D2824-A1 motherboard and it has 6.00.R1.19.2824.A1 bios updates. All i need to add microcodes in bios to be able to run this cpu. As now when i trying to run with this CPU it just starts spin all my fans at full speed, i mean ALL even graphics card and powersupply fans. I have bios file witch is in .exe format i opened with 7zip to find .bin or .rom file to add thouse microcodes but was unable to find. So not sure what to do now.. All i could find just text file with: P.S Sorry for my English.