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  1. Hello, i bought Intell x5460 CPU. The CPU it self is modded to fit and run for LGA 775 (This CPU is for 771 motherboards). I have FUJITSU SIEMENS D2824-A1 motherboard and it has 6.00.R1.19.2824.A1 bios updates. All i need to add microcodes in bios to be able to run this cpu. As now when i trying to run with this CPU it just starts spin all my fans at full speed, i mean ALL even graphics card and powersupply fans. I have bios file witch is in .exe format i opened with 7zip to find .bin or .rom file to add thouse microcodes but was unable to find. So not sure what to do now.. All i could find just text file with: P.S Sorry for my English.