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  1. I have a Dell Studio Slim Core 2 Duo which used to run Windows Vista but now runs Windows 10 flawlessly. But I am facing one problem, I want to enable virtualization but cannot find it in the BIOS. I was able to virtualize FreeNAS on it and Windows Vista (1 Core) but what should I do to enable virtualization. I hope I can find a solution then this machine can be given some more love.
  2. I am in the search for a Remote Desktop Solution for me to access my mac from windows pc. I have tried all of the following and I want one that doesn't have lag. I want something similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop but there is no server option on mac. I have tried: - Chrome Remote Desktop - TeamViewer - Fast but bad quality - VNC Viewer/Server - Terrible Speed and Lag - TightVNC - Terrible Speed and Lag It is surprising that when I do from Mac to Mac it is sooo smooth but when from Windows to Mac it just isn't the same. i am looking for free solutions. Thanks!
  3. I came across the idea of creating a CSS Framework since I like Materialize and Bootstrap but their classes are difficult or not the type I want so I decided to create my own. I have gotten started on it, but wondering if the community would like a comment on my progress and let me know about any changes I should make. I created a GitHub repository for this and the files included in the repository are basically a cheat sheat. So as I create the framework, I will continue to update the cheat sheet so I have a visual representation. https://github.com/razzakeducation19/CSS-Framwork-01 Thanks! Also, I am new on the forum so I do not know if I am in the correct topic area. I think it is considered off-topic.