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    Razer core X with RTX 2070

    Hello, I have recently buy a OMEN laptop (https://support.hp.com/au-en/document/c06064037). This laptop support thunderbolt 3 and there is a problem when I plug my Razer Core X. My razer core X is recognize as a peripheral ,as the RTX 2070 do, but it doesn't show up in razer synapse. When I plug in, the monitor goes black and then it say my internal GPU is inative and the RTX 2070 is on. The RTX 2070 is not working, I tried to launch a game and it not seems to work as it is supposed to do (looking like I don't event have a GPU on). When the Razer core X is plugged and I restart my laptop, the screen goes black and I have to reset everything. In the thunderbolt 3 setting, there is a message saying that the eGPU may not be supported by the device. I checked on the compatibily list and the 20 nVidia series is on. I updated my drivers with Geforce Experience. How can I make it work please ?
  2. Hello, I have been trying to connect my razer core X with a Gygabyte 2070 RTX on my Dell Latitude 5590. The thing is that the card is not recognized. I think the laptop only provide 3.0 usb but I dont know if there is a solution. Does someone has a solution to bypass the problem? Do you know if there is a thunderbolt 3 to 2 adaptor that exist and work in this situation for PC ?