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  1. apyr.mp3

    PC under performing

    ill give it a watch. Also you said i should get a 7700 or 7700k but is that still an i5? if so when should one upgrade to an i7?
  2. apyr.mp3

    PC under performing

    okay thanks, in the mean time would overclocking my current cpu help the issue?
  3. apyr.mp3

    PC under performing

    thanks for the reply, yes sorry i did not provide any further information as i didnt really seem it was necessary as im pretty certain the issue is from either of these. What cpu would you recommend I get to replace the i5 7600k to not bottleneck my 1070ti?
  4. apyr.mp3

    PC under performing

    So a while ago I built my pc with a friend. It has an msi Geforce GTX 1070ti and an intel i5-7600K processor. However I believe I am receiving much lower than expected frame rate on games. For example, csgo with max settings I get aroun 100/120fps max where my friend who has a 1060 double that on the same settings. Im not really sure what tests I should do to see if either the processor or graphics card is damaged or could it be something else? Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you