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  1. Yeah i saw Jay's video and ive been monitoring cpu usage on a number of games and there are just a number of them that hit 100% usage on all cores just running a game at 60FPS causing a fair bit of annoying stuttering and also stops me from streaming them.
  2. Well i already have a cyrorig h7 on my 8350K, so im pretty sure i could reuse it. Although ive been thinking of getting a bequiet dark rock 4 to replace it. Just overall there's a number of things with this computer that were poorly thought out that could use changing. CPU is the top priority, moving windows 10 into SSD, a nicer case as the one i have was a $50 fractal design g something or other, and a better powersupply.
  3. Although is the extra $60-70 worth going for the 8700k, or should the basic 8700 last me about as long.
  4. I mean more or less, but i do stream every now and then. Plus going back to school may have me using it a lot more for other applications.
  5. Hi, just joined the forum and I do have a question. I built my first gaming rig with money that was given to me, but due to unfamiliarity with the concept I kinda messed up my machine to a degree. I have a GTX 1080 but only an i3 8350k CPU and ive noticed it being a bit of a bottleneck in a variety of games. So I was wondering would it be best to upgrade it to a i5 9400F, or just wait and go all the way for the i7 8700?