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  1. Masteton

    Cards runs lower than stock clock

    What do you mean? How can I check this?
  2. Masteton

    Cards runs lower than stock clock

    No I haven't. And with all the problems I had with this and now finally working stable, I am afraid to oc..
  3. Masteton

    Cards runs lower than stock clock

    On msi afterburner it isn't showing anything in core voltage and I can't change it. On wattman Radeon settings on the other hand the are some kind of levels with the higher one being at 1131. Could this have to do something with the fact that this card was unstable (it crashed many times) and Asus released a vbios that fixed this issue? I mean maybe they changed the base clock behaviour or something.
  4. Masteton

    Cards runs lower than stock clock

    I tried it with open case for temp to drop and even at this temp as you see the clock is low..
  5. I have an an Asus rog strix rx 470 oc. It's stock clock is 1250mhz, but mine runs during gaming lower and it isn't steady.
  6. Masteton

    Gpu temperature

    Oh ok! I thought that it depends on the card, so I thought this card is normal around 65 so 72 is kinda too much. Anyway thank you!
  7. Masteton

    Gpu temperature

    Yeah. Now with the case open I get 62-63... So could I do something better with the case closed?
  8. Masteton

    Gpu temperature

    oh havent tried that. ill let you know
  9. Masteton

    Gpu temperature

    I have an asus rog strix rx470 4gb. Normally this card gets 63-65 degrees on full load as I have seen in some reviews. Mine is getting 70-72 though in full load, with fans on max. Is this an airflow issue? In the first picture is my pc with bad cable management, I made a little bit better and -2 degrees ( I was getting 72-74 before). Can do something more and fix this heating problem? Or is just my mATX case causing the problem. There is only one case fan installed, I don't know if I have space to install another one in the front.
  10. Masteton

    Thermal paste removal

    Ok, but will affect the cooling efficiency when the new thermal paste will be applied?
  11. Masteton

    Thermal paste removal

    93 degrees alcohol infused with the aroma, and has glycerine inside.
  12. I upgraded my cpu so I cleaned my old one and packed it up for sale. The thing is used some 93 rubbing alcohol that has glycerine and lemon aroma in it. I read that glycerine could be bad. Is the cpu somehow damaged now? What about cooling efficiency? Can I clean it again with isopropyl alcohol? I read that glycerine doesn't come off..
  13. Masteton

    Second ram stick not detected

    It seems I couldn't put EVERY SIGLE TIME the second ram stick properly in the slot. Stupid but finally both of them work in dual channel as seen in the cpu-z app. Should I run memtest86 anyway now?
  14. I just changed my Motherboard and cpu. Everything is fine but one ram stick is not detected. It worked in previous motherboard. Is this a faulty ram slot ? Btw I checked it the bios to be sure, because I haven't done the clean Windows install yet, to trust the OS about the installed ram.