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    New at building EXOTIC water cooling

    thanks i'll try that
  2. Hi Everyone, just had a quick question about all this, been watching LinusTechTips 90% and learning on that channel (how to also not drop things) and 10% on jayztwocents. was wondering why when i plug everything in does it go to - "no cpu fan" show up and it ask for setup, but when i do all that it is fine and loads up correctly. is there is fix for this so i don't need to setup every single time. i have tried making a profile and that doesn't seem to work. i have the pump connected to cpu and everything like case fans and radiator fans plugged into the fan pins on the motherboard. using a I7-7700k CPU 1080 GPU Z170 asus motherboard PCIE SSD 1.TB M.2 SSD for boot drive 750w Plat series Power Supply EKWB EK-KIT Liquid Series PC Watercooling Kit L360 is what i am using, i hope there is a way to not have that screen show up every time
  3. i been seeing a couple Modded PCs with custom built front or size mounted reservoirs that cover the top to bottom of the case. is there a way to build these yourself as i can't seem to find any site that do builds for you. like what do i need, what materials am i going to need to buy, besides tools i got plenty of those. been using a view 71 TG and it looks great ,but needs more water.