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    I7 7700k mobile
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    12 GB DDR 4
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    AMD Mobile RX580
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    Windows 10
  1. Ru trying to say it sitting at the bottom and back of a junk drawer for 3 years is a bad place for it?
  2. Fair point. If that's the case then the end result not only is not really noticeable but the limits to pci express make it a lost cause in the sense I'm looking at it in.
  3. Yes the total size of the pipe might be an issue, but the speed at which the data is accessed and sent is far far faster than any NVME drive could access it's data.
  4. I now introduce you to the PCI SOUND BLASTER XFI EXTREME AUDIO EDITION!!! IF I remember correctly it boasted to have the processing power of a Pentium 4 when processing audio. I can remember running a 3.8MB MP3 into this music enhancer program. If you cranked it the whole way up it made the music file 500+MB in size. If anyone likes this I'll make another post with better photos.
  5. I had an interesting idea. I do not think ram requires much power to stay refreshed. Given battery tech now, would it be possible to build a small battery pack unit to keep ram refreshed on a ramdisk PCI Express card? Given how cheap ram is I bet you could build a desktop with 128 GB of constantly refreshed RAMDISK that you could install an OS on. I sure hope ramdisk pci express cards are still a thing. I'm also a huge fan Linus! I'm your age and I relate to your experiences with technology and love for it. (It's funny and really crazy to see your younger associates not understand certain old school tech terms or hardware). You keep me loving Tech like a kid again even when my career makes it a drag. Much love!