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  1. joyUnbouded

    Intel and 4k

    You're a legend. Thank you. I just wanted something compact and I really don't need a graphics card as I wont be gaming. I just find having a pc plugged into the tv is way more reliable than a streaming device. Certainly more feature rich.
  2. joyUnbouded

    Intel and 4k

    I am looking to build a small Plex server / HTPC to connect to a 4k tv using the awesome inwin chopin case. There's just one thing I cannot seem to get a clear or comforting answer on really. I know 8th gen Intel cpus are capable of 4k UHD at 60hz - so if I got a micro itx motherboard with HDMI 2.0 would I be able to stream HDR content through it? Also does anyone have any experience with active display port to HDMI adaptors and do they give the desired results. Just looking to avoid forking out for a graphics card and I'm wanting to keep to the small inwin case. Thank you for your time.