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  1. So i have a 2700x and a rtx 2070 strix And im running total warhammer 2 on only 20 fps on 3440x1440 everything on ultra and on with 8xAA (battle bench mark) I just wanna ask if this is normal
  2. DIY

    Is my gpu too Hot?

    Ohh btw in the link u sent .. it says rtx 2070 load temp is 65c and its silent bios temp is 74c .... what is silent bios? I wanna turn it off much better to have a noisy gpu then to have a hot one.
  3. DIY

    Is my gpu too Hot?

    Ohh i see thanks .. but do you think i should set the fan speed to a specific % or should i just use the auto system from msi after burner when playing a game?
  4. DIY

    Is my gpu too Hot?

    So i have a rtx 2070 ROG Strix and i was wondering if 75c is normal temp for 3440x1440p max settings (shadow of tomb raider) at 56% fan speed I was kinda expecting it to be lower cuz its a pretty fat card .. is this bad or am i just paranoid?
  5. Im planning to get a verticle gpu mount to show off my rtx 2070 strix... but i heard that the verticle gpu mount will choke the gpu especially with a glass pannel any suggestions?
  6. i know that the 2060 laptop version is way weaker than the pc counterpart. i was just wondering if its the same or still better than the 1070 in a laptop (non maxq) and which should i get?
  7. which display would you pick for a 34 inch ultra wide 1080p 200hz Overclocked or 1440p 100hz?
  8. Would you recommend a cheap off brand Ultrawide? I always wanted a 21/9 monitor but my wallet just dies a little whenever i see the price of the acer X34P and the asus PG348Q. So im wondering would it be better if i just cheap out and pay half price for similar spec but inferior unknown monitor or should i just geta 16/9 monitor (i dont wanna though )
  9. I want to play AAA games while quickly alt+tab to several tabs of 1080p porn and would also be nice *IF POSSIBLE* to render some vids , which cpu should i get? i5 9600k , i7 9700k , r5 2600x or r7 2700x?