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  1. Tried to delete other didn’t mean to post it in there
  2. My windows is stuck in a loop when the pc turns on I get little white lines then I get - diagnosing pc - repairing then this screen any help please no idea what to do
  3. i'd go with a 2080Ti tbh you won't be disappointed and if you do go for one go with EVGA there customer service and warranty is exceptional
  4. Hi guys what’s the difference between the Akko x and none Akko x ? Cheers
  5. I mean you can barely see it on white so I’m probably been pathetic, considering the deal i got
  6. Hey guys bought this from a shop today. It it should be £500 new in the uk but got it for £280 used and in very good condition other than this that I didn’t see in the store as I didn’t see white background it’s a very small scratch on the screen Would you guys say it’s minor or to complain about not been told about it?
  7. Yeah I get you for sure but in all honesty I want to do a custom loop as I love how they look and wanna do it as a little project! So That’s why I’m just wondering if it makes a huge difference
  8. I have a 2080ti Strix Oc mines I think 125 power. Runs warm hence why I was thinking I might water cool it
  9. So from air to water is like a 20 degrees difference with a custom loop?
  10. hi, i have a 2080ti strix oc 3 fans. i am looking at water cooling my cpu and gpu but mostly for the gpu are the temp drops a lot ? i find when running 4k i get throttled by heat etc and it runs warm, will a water loop make a big difference to the gpu temps? Cheers
  11. yeah i get you so probably best to get another m.2 for stuff i use on the hard drive?
  12. Hi guys just wondering if its worth upgrading to m.2 Nvme from SSD Sata to put games on? already have windows on a M.2 Nvme
  13. Yeah I miss read that he put 2400 I thought he asked what cl14 would genuinely mean and most cl14 is b die
  14. This basically is the ram timings of the ram, the lower the timings the faster it would be in terms of signals been sent, cl14 is Samsung b die
  15. But what are the ram timings on both ? Of course go with 2666 but the timings may be higher than the 2400.
  16. Does it have a software with it? Have you tried taking them out and trying one at a time and seeing if the led comes on ?
  17. nah way OTT imo just put like a pea sized blob in the middle and it will spread
  18. yeah i agree it is a strange one but yeah send them a pic as well as all the info you can give and hopefully they will give you an answer
  19. if you can't find anything online i would email apple support and request they help you identify which one it is if they will if not be hard to find out without it in a machine.
  20. you looked on launch pad - other - system information ?
  21. yes but its pointless extra 200mhz or what ever it is and thats with a intel cpu, if it was a AMD maybe yeah but imo its a pointless upgrade as intel cpu's don't take nearly half as well as what amd cpu's do in mhz increase
  22. yeah either bad paste or coolers on its way out, i have a 9900k that sits at 29idle in bios with a h150i id expect at least for you 35-37 max
  23. i mean it would be sufficient but why downgrade due to stock ask for a like for like replacement, and i suppose it could depend on how desperate you are to get the ram.