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  1. Hi my asus motherboard got bricked when I did and update it. I want to install a diffrent motherbord but I'm afriad that the old window I had intalled will not work in the new motherboard. Can anyone help me with my problem'
  2. Why thank you for your warm welcome to the World of DRMs. I am really look forward to wasting my money on products I won't be using. Thanks Guy
  3. So after some research and some trouble shooting e.g. calling asus (for gpu and motherboard), AMD (for CPU), samung (for TV), and microsoft (for movie platformer) tech support. I found out that my pc rig is capable of streaming and play (gaming) in 4k uhd hrd. it was microsoft Movie and Tv App that was unable to play my movies on UHD streaming, google play, VUDU, and Moives anywhere platforms play UHD just fine, so that answered that AMD can UHD.
  4. Hi, Everybody I just built my 1st pc and I went with a ryzen 7 3700x CPU, asus dual rtx geforce 2080 0C GPU, asus tuf x570 motherboard, 2x 8gb 3200 ddr4 ram, M2 ssd, and a Pioneer 4k UHD blu ray. To my dismay after all my reserch to build my pc I found out that AMD does not support SGX PSW, I've enabled SVM and SMT in the bios but still I am unable to play 4k uhd Blu ray disk. Is there another option I can do to get my PC rig to play 4k UHD disk or did I just waste money on a 4k optical drive.
  5. I want to see netflix, google play, or Mircrosoft movies streaming and game in 4k hrd uhd on my pc rig. My specs are ryzen 7 3700x cpu, asus geforce rtx 2080 oc gpu, ddr4 2x8 16 gb 3200mhz ram and a samsung nu 8000 49inch tv? Can some one tell me if there is a way to get my pc rig to stream in uhd with the hrd mode on.Can I install the pioneer 4k blu ray opical drive to this set up as well? I have an asus tuf gaming x570-plus wifi motherboard # will AMD 4K HDR UHD stream
  6. thank you for your feed back on my issue. I think you are right I do need a newer i7 which gen i7 would you recommend and would you know if a pc build i can do with the stuff I got? thank you again  

    1. Brooksie359


      Honestly I gave up on trying to do it myself and just use an xbox one s. 

    2. Abraxas8900


      Yeah Just go with a Xbox one S the world of DRMs is a treacherous field to navigate. As I found out for my self with my new pc build AMD does not run 4k optical drives :(   

  7. I had a dell xps 8200 and buying a gpu for it was hard. I found out through trail and error that Geforce gtx 750 ti and geforce gtx 960 worked great but these where they only cards I found that worked.
  8. Hello everybody. I would be very appreciative if I could get some help on an issue I have. I'm trying to play or view 4k content on my PC. I've been playing and view content smoothly but I'm Not getting a 4k feel, Example went I go to movies anywhere web page it says this device can't play 4k, or when viewing my mircosoft uhd streaming movies I don't feel like I'm viewing 4k. Here are the PC specs XPS 8900 dell with 24gb of ddr4 ram, i7-6700k cpu 4.00ghz, running on geforce driver version 425.31. the gpu is a geforce gtx ftw edition 980 Ti. the screen I am using is a samsung nu8000 49inch tv and I have a certified 60fps 2.0 hdmi cable. If anyone can suggest some setting or inform me on how to get the most from this poor man's 4k rig I would really be thankful for your time. setting on my Nvida Control Panel are, image setting are set on Balanced, PhysX setting is on Auto-select, Resolution setting is 4k x 2k, 3840 x 2160 native 60hz using nvidia color setting, Highest (32-bit), 8bpc, RGB, outpit dynamic range Full. Scaling mode is on full screen, Performing scaling on Display and override scaling mode is active. Thank you for you help people I'm looking forward to learning more on my PC.