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    The PowerDeWise Lapel Mic is pretty amazing. I would say the sound quality is comparable to the Shure Beta 87a, which kinda blew my mind. As long as they're powered to their full 10v they should be perfect for any interview or communications scenario: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CHCSLVC/ (This comes bundled with 2, which you might find useful if you want to use 1 for your voice and another for active noise cancellation techniques) @Simulus what application of microphone are you looking for exactly?
  2. Googolbyte

    Bongiovi Acoustics' gaming solution?

    An update: After trying out their software I'm semi-impressed but it would be helpful to get impressions from people with different headphones. It can emulate HRTFs for full 360 audio, though I don't really think it does anything for above-below scenarios. It also looks like it requires some tuning as well. I've consulted their forums for answers.
  3. Googolbyte

    Bongiovi Acoustics' gaming solution?

    So I'm a believer in 7.1 virtualization. It usually brings a positive impact to my gaming experience, if properly configured. I've been looking into software solutions like HeSuVi and even full on gaming headsets like the ASUS Fusion 500 (which is great, but has a terrible microphone). I wanted to see if it was possible to get the awesomeness of the ASUS Fusion 500 without having to buy the headset. Turns out there might be a way? Enter Bongiovi Acoustics' gaming brand: https://bongiovidps.com/gaming/ ASUS says they "worked with" Bongiovi Acoustics in order to make their gaming headset. But what it really sounds like is a headset that is optimized for their software solution. It appears that they sell it similarly to Dolby Atmos, but they're asking for a subscription? A one month free trial sounds fine, but for those of you out there who don't shit on 7.1 virtualization through-and-through, I'd love to hear opinions as well. Since the free trial is available to everyone with a Windows PC it couldn't hurt to discuss yah? Especially those people who own a pair of ASUS Fusion 500/700/Wireless headphones. If you do try them let me know your thoughts. I'll be giving it a go myself, though I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay $3 a month for anything less than the best damn sound (virtualization) money can buy.
  4. Googolbyte

    Is the rog strix fusion 500 good?

    The ROG Fusion 500 did a fantastic job when I was playing the division on my PS4 (though it needed a firmware update to beta firmware for some reason). However the microphone is absolute garbage. I sent it back purely because $180 wasn't worth possibly the best 7.1 experience I've ever had, plus a shitty microphone.