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  1. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    You need to have 4th gen haswell. They have been trying different work arounds, something to do with being low powered graphics card mode or something.
  2. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    What CPU are you using?
  3. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    The gigabyte p104-100 is supposed to have gen 3 x16 bus according to its specs. I think that somewhere in the process of modiyfing the card, something was changed to. Edit: This is wrong, i think the card is indeed gen1.1 x4 which makes no sense to me. This may well rule out using it with a 1070
  4. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Okay so theoretically, could the p104-100 sli with a 1070 using different sli auto and an sli bridge? The issues I see are: 1. There is some confusion over whether the p104-100 is a 1080 or 1070 (could still work with both). Edit: p104-100 = 1070 ; p104-101 = 1080 2. P104-100 was shown to be stuck in pcie 1.1 x4 in that russian YouTube video I linked, which would make it useless. Edit: the p104-100 is a gen1.1 x4 card (at least I know the gigabyte is) 3. Would SLI bridge work on the p104-100 (it physically has them but might not be wired) - even still, would different sli auto make use of the bridge? Is this the right area to be asking? (Some of this could be directed at different sli auto).
  5. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    Thanks! Edit: for anyone wondering, this is an article on how to unlock the p104 100s vram from 4gb to 8gb through a bios reflash. I wanted to to know if this was possible to see whether it could match a non mining 8gb 1070, which seems to be possible.
  6. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    So this is a process that can be quite easily replicated? Or would I almost certainly have to use a chip programming device. Also, does the reflashing then unlock the 8gb of vram or was that a different process?
  7. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    I noticed that, very interesting. Is there any particular reason why it's running in that mode? Maybe something he changed to get it to display? Because I can't imagine that it's default setting as a mining card would be pcie 1.1 x4, as it would presumably cripple it's performance. Is there a way to fix this? My overall goal here is to see whether having a p104 100 would be a suitable card for SLI with a 1070. I don't mind the troubleshooting especially for the price you can pick these up at. I've also noticed that different sli auto has overcome it's driver testing issue. Please let me know if anyone digs up more info about this.
  8. Eddownz

    Hacking Nvidia's Drivers!

    I've been looking at the P104-100 which is said to be a 4gb 1070 or 1080 (not sure). Well I think some russian guy has turned it into 8gb and got it to fully work just like the p106 has done. Can someone who speaks russian try to translate how he did? Also, would it then be possible to SLI with the 1070 using the sli bridge which they both have? Russian link of working 8gb p104-100 https://youtu.be/1-WCUTZ41uo https://youtu.be/FxGZIvCKwTo