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  1. I Installed AC:Syndicate from Uplay and when i try to start it this happens. I verified the files from Uplay but it tells me everything is OK. 20200225_100956_Trim.mp4 My confing: Windows 10 64bits Core i5-7400 12GB RAM GTX 1050
  2. I don't seem to find one with the reference 81FV008YFR
  3. https://m.boulanger.com/ref/1113293 https://www.fnac.com/mp37713503/Lenovo-Legion-Y530-15ICH-81FV-Core-i5-8300H-2-3-GHz-Win-10-Familiale-64-bits-8-Go-RAM-128-Go-SSD-NVMe-1-To-HDD-15-6-IPS-1920-x-1080-Full-HD-GF-GTX-1050-UHD-Graphics-630-Wi-Fi-Bluetooth-noir/w-4 https://m.darty.com/m/achat/informatique/ordinateur_portable/portable/lenovo_ordinateur_portable_gamer_legion_y530_15_6_pouces_fhd_i5_8300h_ram_8go_stockage_128go_ssd_1to_gtx1050_4go___MK2058308569.html I took the lenovo legion as an example
  4. I have seen some on Amazon but some of them are in French stores like Boulanger or Fnac I also found a Dell which would be nice https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/cty/pdp/spd/g-series-15-3579-laptop/configurations
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a low range gaming laptop. I live in France so the prices I relate to are in euros. I will cite some of the wishes I have. The laptop has to cost less than $900 (800€) Unless you really think it's better, I would like an Intel CPU Same for the GPU, I would like a Nvidia GPU, unless you have another solution that is really worth it I want an SSD and a HDD (128Go, 1To) At least 8Go RAM Good IO (USB 3.1, Ethernet, Jack...) Of course, you must know better than me but at around $800, they are equipped with a Core I5, and GTX1050 and 8Go of RAM. I'm looking for an option with better hardware even if I have to give up on battery life or transportability. I will do some casual gaming (CS:GO, LoL, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc...) and some work for school involving research and data interpretation (excel sheets) There are things I don't care about : Display resolution and refresh rate (my main gaming setup still has a 1080p 60Hz display so I'm used to it) Keyboard and trackpad (I have my own mouse and don't care about keyboard) Battery life and portability (I won't be moving it around much nor use it intensely outside so I don't care) I've done my research and I found the Lenovo y530, the HP Pavillion or Acer Nitro 5. Give me something better if you can.