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    Wasting money


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    Ryzen 1200
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    Asrock A320M-HDV
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB
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    Nvidia RTX 2060 Founders Edition
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    NZXT H500I
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB, Samsung 970 EVO 500GB
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    Corsair VS650
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    Primary: Philips 244E. Secondary: Acer KA220HQ
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    3 Stock case fans and 1 NZXT RGB fan, Stock cpu cooler.
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    Razer Cynosa
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    TtEsports Ventus X
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    RIG 500HD as Mic/Sound. Speakers: 2 Jensens and a VOXSON subwoofer
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    Unregistered Windows 10 Pro lol
  1. Ok so I don't really know where to put this but I think this might be the right place. So I have a really peculiar issue and as far as I know, quite unique. So what's happening is, whenever I have my rift s plugged into my 2060 founders card, if I start a game (not vr) or sometimes just when a full screen rendering changes maybe I'm not even too sure (that's why I'm having a hard time finding help) my monitors will go incredibly dark to the point where I can barley see anything displayed. It flashes these dark screen when I first start my PC sometimes but immediately goes back to normal, but once it goes dark, the only way I've found to fix it is to restart my system. I've tried other things like updating my driver's, refreshing my driver's with the windows+ctrl+shift+b and that does not work. The issue if I recall correctly never happens if I start my PC without the VR headset plugged in, also, one other thing, unplugging one of my monitors will cause the other one to flash bright and then only to go dark again. This is incredibly frustrating when this happens and I really need help with this. Thanks in advance. Edit: one other thing I forgot, if I take a screenshot of my screen, it doesn't appear dark in the screenshot, however, it is definitely not a backlight issue.
  2. I was just wondering if there is such a thing (like a plastic screening with an adhesive) that prevents reflections on a pc side panel and allows the RGB inside to shine more on the panel. First image as an example. Mine right now has the lights shining on different components. Second image as an example. Thanks.