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  1. Trying to decide between meshify s2 blackout or normal. How good does tinted look with a couple rgb strips?
  2. I got this one https://www.overclockers.co.uk/corsair-professional-series-hx-1200w-80-plus-platinum-modular-power-supply-cp-9020140-uk-ca-23e-cs.html also i got this with the seal missing and stickers on top of stickers so I think i got a used one. It does look new but I'm going to get a replacement. I swear to god I have the worst luck when it comes to buying electronics.
  3. So it's pointless me getting the icue one if I'm not going to use the software? And I was about to say I looked at reviews the hxi came in 2015 while the hx in 2017
  4. What is the point of the icue software, just begin able to see how much power is begin drawn?
  5. is the only difference the ability to monitor with software? Or does the I have better components?
  6. hello will a 850w gold power supply be good enough for a 3090? I know nvidia recommended a 750w but I like having overhead and will a 850w be enough or will i have to upgrade to 1000w or more
  7. I don't think ddr5 is going to improve performance as much as you think. Ryzen 5000 is rumoured to have ddr5 but it's also rumoured it will just be a refresh of zen 3.
  8. I have 2080ti and a x34 I am looking to upgrading one of these. I'm torn between wanting to upgrade my 2080ti to a 3080ti or my monitor from a acer x34 or lg 38gl950g. Which one should I go for?
  9. Yeah it does thank you looking at some reviews and some of the posts in that forum (like the guy who said he gets 75c) my temps seem to be fine if not on the better side. And hey if something does go wrong I can get a replacement or upgrade to a 360mm but that might not make much do no difference in performance. Also my case is average for airflow (h700i)
  10. I have an 8700k stock 1.2v with an 280mm and I get 66-69 max depending on the day