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  1. Here is my disk utility for reference. To be honest im not sure at all what "macOS Base System" refers to, Ive never used a Mac before
  2. I made the ISO myself, would I have to try a different build of macOS, such as High Sierra?
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to get a Mojave VM working in Oracle VBox 6.x for a class and I was able to boot to the Mojave installer after creating the VM and changing some config files. When I choose "Reinstall macOS", I choose my 50Gb Mac OS Extended virtual disk, and it starts to download, but as it reaches about 90%, the VM reboots and starts me back at the beginning. Is there something wrong with the setup of the VM?
  4. I just recently got a LG 4k TV and now when streaming from my gaming tower, all games run very sluggish. This wasn't a problem with my previous 1080p TV. Here is my hardware: Tower: GPU - 1080Ti CPU - Ryzen 2700X RAM - 16Gb 3000Mhz TV - LG 55UM6910PUC Troubleshooting done: - Turned on "Change desktop resolution to match streaming client" and "Dynamically adjust capture resolution to improve performance" in the Remote Play settings in Steam Can anyone help?
  5. Thank you Linux Sherpa! Not the first time you've helped my newbie self lol
  6. Nevermind i got it working!! The directory for the files in the boot loader entry have to start with /EFI, they cant be full directories like i did above. My touchscreen is working!!
  7. Did all that but when i chose "surface" from the boot menu it said it could not be found. below are my files:
  8. Ok, ill do that. Thank you for your time! I will update this if i find a solution
  9. Yes, how do i change this? I downloaded the grub customizer and this is what i see according to that, unless i understand wrong, it should be the default
  10. I think this means that it is not booting from my kernel
  11. Update: I changed the default kernel to boot from in Grub2 and that didnt do anything either. No other ideas? I thought the kernel would work because pop os is Ubuntu based
  12. Nothing happened on reboot but i went back to that directory and this is it
  13. This is what I found at that directory, below is what was stored in pop_os-current: title Pop!_OS linux /EFI/Pop_OS-94516b6e-4f5b-415b-a1ff-2bc78b82f3e7/vmlinuz.efi initrd /EFI/Pop_OS-94516b6e-4f5b-415b-a1ff-2bc78b82f3e7/initrd.img options root=UUID=94516b6e-4f5b-415b-a1ff-2bc78b82f3e7 ro quiet loglevel=0 systemd.show_status=false splash