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  1. Ash M

    Home network best recommendation

    Concrete walls.
  2. Ash M

    Home network best recommendation

    Sorry no idea what that is and I don't think Singapore allows that
  3. Ash M

    Home network best recommendation

    1. My internet comes in from the living room from my main entrance 2. For the internet I'll be getting from a local ISP (Myrepublic) , equipment they'll provide is Deco M9 Plus Wifi Mesh 1Gbps 3. No new wiring the house as it's a old house and I will be rewiring everything 4. No coax in the walls 5. No internet installed 6. Budget - Roughly 1,500USD for the full setup including any additional equipment needed
  4. Hi everyone, I live in Singapore and I'm looking for a perfect combination for a wifi router and mesh to setup. My aim is to ensure 100% connectivity throughout the apartment with zero dead spots. Usage: - Casual Gaming - Smart Tv apps - Work What would anyone recommend for this layout? Would love to hear from anyone!