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  1. Not dangerous, hust bad for the GPU
  2. I got this USB drive. It is encrypted and decrypts when it scans your fingerprint. It is made by a company called eaget and I have had really good experiences with them. Their SSD has lasted me 5 years and is still working to this day
  3. How about 10 ways macs are just worse : Thermal throttling Expensive repairs Hardware prone to failure Keyboard prone to failure No upgrade ability Overpriced T2 chip prevents data recovery Janky repairs such as rubber pads on GPUs
  4. Does Linus himself have an account on this forum ?
  5. You can reuse the LED holder file and just make another mount. Maybe a tripod that goes behind the printer ? Or something that clips to the top of it ?
  6. Just wondering is being a forum moderator a job ? Do you get paid ?
  7. Which CPU would be better for me if I dont want to overclock and want the lowest power usage ?
  8. Which new CPU shall I get ? 3700x or 3800x and should I use the cooler that comes with it or buy a new one ?