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  2. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Today marks the completion of our Phantom Gaming build! With the addition of additional internal shrouds and lighting by BitFenix, it really adds that final touch to the project. Its been such an enjoyable project and it would not have been possible without the support of AMD, Cooler Master, ASRock, TeamGroup and BitFenix. The aim of this build was to keep it clean and covert with it popping when the system was turned on. It also helps to keep the identity of the H500P intact. Im really happy with how the lighting effects turned out in top and front panels of the case. The Team Force and Phantom Gaming logos adorn the top with the ASRock, Cooler Master and Mod 83 logos to the front. Internally I didnt quite know where I wanted to mount the TeamGroup Delta SSD but in the end I decided on a prominent placement to keep the drive in clear view. Our Xcalibur Pantom Gaming Edition DDR4 3200 looks fantastic surrounding the Cooler Master ML360 TR4 and 290WX from AMD. Lighting is taken care of with a combo of motherboard driven RGB to the Cooler Master fans with additional lighting coming from the BitFenix Alchemy ARGB strips. Final specs of this build are; Cooler Master H500P ASRock Phantom Gaming 6 X399 Motherboard AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32gb DDR4 3200 TeamGroup Xcalibur 256gb TeamGroup Delta SSD Cooler Master ML360 TR4 Cooler Cooler Master Vertical GPU Mount Cooler Master V750 PSU BitFenix Alchemy RGB Strips Ive got reviews coming for all the components we have used in this build over at our website so please drop by to check them out. I hope you have enjoyed following this project and we will be back very soon for our next build to commemorate the recent announcement of a new Ghostbusters film!
  3. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    We are moving on today and getting our ML360 TR4 edition cooler, Team Group Ram and other components installed. First off we have 3x 120mm Cooler Master AP fans for the top of the case. We are going for a top and front intake on this with a rear exhaust. We will check temps and see if we will need to change anything given the TDP of the 2990WX. Protecting the shroud from scratches during the install of the 360mm radiator to the front of the case, again complimented with 3x 120mm fans from Cooler Master. Our 32Gb Team Group T-Force Xcalibur RAM is next up and we cant wait to see the RGB in action here. Due to the issues we had with the Wraith Ripper in part 4 we are revisiting this area to show the ML360 fitment. Our GPU is also going in today with the Cooler Master vertical GPU mount. We have had to make some slight modifications here too due to the RAM height. We have added some motherboard stand offs to the mounting points to give us an extra few mm in clearance. All our front panel connectors are hidden by the GPU which will really help this to look a clean build. Now we can get our top and front panels back on and start looking to finishing this build. I will be using BitFenix ARGB LED strips for the lighting coupled with the onboard RGB and ARGB headers on the ASRock Phantom gaming 6 motherboard.
  4. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Not the biggest update but it brings our Phantom Gaming build on leaps and bounds in terms of aesthetics. Our new basement shroud is now bent to shape, sprayed and ready for install. Made from a single sheet of 3mm A3 acrylic, its a perfect fit in the H500P. Once we have it installed we will need to add a strip of sanded acrylic behind the shroud to allow the RGB LEDs to shine through evenly, spreading the light across the ful logo The colour match is almost perfect, we are using Rust-Oleum Gun Metal rattel cans for this project after using their products for our Rocket League build. Another part completed this week is our top fan cover. This has both Team Group and Phantom Gaming logos applied and agian finieshed with Rust-Oleum Gun metal. The only difference between the two parts is the top cover was sprayed internally and still has the protective plastic cover on. Now we have these installed we can move back to hardware and fit our ML360 RGB TR4 AIO from Cooler Master and other hardware in Part 6 at www.mod83.com
  5. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Hi Luke, thanks for noting that! Its a 2990WX, ive edited the post
  6. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Now that the AMD Threadripper 2990WX is installed we can get our RAM fitted. The RAM we are using for this build is kindly supplied by TeamGroup and features 4x8gb DDR4 3200 Excalibur Phantom Gaming modules. This high performance quad channel kits takes up 4 of the 8 DIMM slots on our motherboard, leaving it open for us to increase capacity to 64gb at a later date if needed. THE RGB headers should look amazing on this build and we cant wait to light it up. After the issues we had with the Wraith Ripper, Cooler Master have kindly sent over a ML360 TR4 Edition as a replacement. We were really hoping to use the Wraith Ripper for this build, its a fantastic looking piece of kit but we overloooked the RAM height and hopefully we can feature one in a future build. A 360mm radiator should offer plenty of cooling for our CPU, its changed some aspects of our design plan but I am sure we can come up with something as an alternative. It also adds another 3 RGB 120mm fans to the build for the front panel. Part 5 of this build log will move to the assembly and fabrication of our new basement shroud, we shared imagess of that via our Facbook Page and it was really well recieved. Stick around and see you for the next chapter.
  7. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Thanks bud, hoping to sort the cooler issue today, just waiting on confirmation from Cooler Master.
  8. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Our Phantom Gaming build is now underway with the first parts being installed. The H500P has bee stripped of its PSU basement shrouds ready for replacements to be fabricated giving us easy access to start fitting components. So far we have installed the Cooler Master MF120mm fans, V750 PSU and Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard from ASRock. The most exciting part today though is the CPU, AMD were kind enough to send over their flagship 2990WX instead of a 1950X for this build. This is a monster of a CPU and given its our first experience with Threadripper we are really excited to see how it performs. This rig will be used for upcoming builds as a video editing workstation so we have all the grunt we need for footage. So the hardware is coming along nicely so far but then we hit a snag. Due to the height of the TeamGroup Phantom Gaming DDR4 we are using the Wraith Ripper is about 3mm short of clearance and cannot be used. We are on with arranging an alternative cooler so we will bring more on that in our next update.
  9. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    V750 Gold for this build. We were going to go with the MWE but it dod not have dual 8 Pin CPU power connectors for teh X399 if memory serves me right. Hope you follow along and people can always see more at our site www.mod83.com
  10. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    We have now taken delivery of most of the components we will be needing for this build, we are still waiting on a few but we have enough to get started. The specs for this build will be; AMD Threadripper 1950X X399 Phantom Gaming 6 Motherboard TeamGroup Excalibur 32Gb DDR4 3200 ASUS Strix GTX 1070 TeamGroup Delta 256SSD Cooler Master 750W PSU Cooler Master H500P Cooler Master Wraith Ripper Cooler Master MF120 Case Fans We will of course take a look at all the hardware in a little more depth with our reviews coming during the build. For now we will be starting with getting the motherboard and additional components in place so that I can start looking at taking measurements for some custom trim work both internal and external. Our thanks once again to ASRock, TeamGroup and Cooler Master for making this build possible
  11. Mod83

    Phantom Gaming

    Mod83 are delighted to annouce a new build featuring the ASRock Phantom Gaming Alliance in association with Cooler Master and Team Group. The new build will be based on the AMD Threadripper platform using the ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 motherboard, a feature filled premium ATX board designed for gaming. The motherboard will be paired with components from Team Group, notably XCalibur Phantom Gaming RGB (4x8gb) DDR4 3200 and the T-Force Delta Phantom Gaming RGB 256Gb SSD. The build will then be completed with hardware from Cooler Master including the H500P and Wraith Ripper cooling solution. We will of course bring you all the build updates as they happen and component reviews along the way. Stay tuned for updates as we begin this new build! See more at www.mod83.com