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  1. I have recently upgraded from a lg g6 to a redmi note 9. I want to make some apps' notifications visible but hide their contents. Regardless of what app I try the section to change it is greyed out for some reason. The UI is updated to MIUI's latest version. please help
  2. I want to be able to use a colour profile of a certain preset of my Lenovo G27-c10 monitor without the pixel overdrive setting and while being able to change the brightness of the screen but the menu does not allow me to do so. Is there a way to find out what the colour profile of a setting in my monitor? or somehow override the overdrive and brightness settings while using a profile?
  3. I want steam and the games I run on it use my wifi connection and all of the rest from my ethernet. I really don't know what to Google to find what I am looking for.
  4. Hello, As far as I know, windows 10 can automatically distribute the usage of your internet between ethernet and wifi if two of them are connected at the same time. Question is, is it possible to make windows use Wifi only for one specific application and do the rest from the internet source that is connected through ethernet?
  5. Alright, I've done that, will see how it goes I guess. Thank you so much
  6. There is only one and now I set it to %90 percent of the speed, I guess I won't achieve my goal after all. Thanks anyway
  7. Before I changed anything it was set to 0. My goal is to give my desktop pc %90 of the download speed while other devices share the remaining %10. Is that possible?
  8. Well I tried adding the desktop PC's IP as well and it too was limited to 2MBps. I removed the list entirely now, I'll remake the list and then restart my computer.
  9. Hello, I do not know much of routers and networking but I tried to give my desktop pc priority over other devices at home in terms of bandwidth. On the router's page I activated QoS and added the individual IP adresses of the devices I want to control the download bandwidths of. I finished the list, saved it and ticked the "activate" box and then I changed the QoS bandwith to 2mbs. The problem is, even though my desktop pc's ip adress is not on the list it is still affected by the limitation. How can I solve this? PS. I have a Air6372SO.
  10. Hello, First of all here are the specs: MSI B450M Mortar Ryzen 2400G (IGP Disabled) Sapphire Nitro RX 480 16GB(8x2 2400 Mhz) Corsair LPX Intel 660P NVME 512gb(boot disk) 1TB HDD So, I was updating my drivers via IObit Driver Boost and after the updates I went ahead and restarted my computer and it got stuck in the preparing for repair loop. It would soon end lead me to this screen and rinse and repeat. Tried couple things like repairing from a windows disk, sfc /scannow from command prompt but it didnt take. I ended up doing a system restore which windows said it failed but automatically restarted the computer and booted up to my desktop. The major difference is the boot time. Before the motherboard logo would barely flash and then windows would come up and according to the task manager the startup time was always in between 6-8 seconds. Now the motherboard screen stays there for a solid 5-6 seconds and according results of multiple reboots the task manager startup says it is 12 seconds. I am concerned that something is wrong and frustrated by the boot time. Can you guys help?
  11. Wireless is a part i do not want to give up on for the sake of being tidy and neat and also I often connect my pc to a tv up the wall and game on my bed
  12. I'm fine with round keys but my pc does not have bluetooth. Not necessarily dead silent but when I'm typing real fast at night or jamming keys while gaming I want it to be only audible at max
  13. Preferably the maximum price should be around 40 bucks
  14. For daily usage, occasional essays and long game sessions.