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  1. I did say is a PC that I found but sure Amazon PC
  2. Ok. I don't want to build since I don't have enough time.
  3. Um, I found a Decent PC for £350 and it runs all the games fine Just no DVD Drive (Thats the reason I didn't buy it) If you can find a PC/Laptop Prebuilt that is in my budget of £200-£400 would be lovely! (With DVD Drive of course)
  4. Microsoft Surface: (two tiny cracks on the top left side of the screen) Says in the Description Rather no Cracks. Lenovo V330-14ARR 14: 98% Positive Feedback. If I'm buying a Laptop for nearly £400 I would not trust the guy. Thinkpad: Keyboard looks Small. (Not in comfort by me)
  5. 4gb Ram is probably a Business PC and how small it is and Light Weight.
  6. I'm in England so shipping would be Expensive from the UK.Try find a computer on Ebay UK
  7. I didn't know it was used.. sorry?
  8. I don't know really about computers so I'm trying to find a good model for about £200-£400.
  9. This is what I use a HP ZR2240w It does 1140p for a good price of £100 if you can find it for the price here is a amazon link Amazon
  10. Hey! I'm looking into a new laptop for £200-£400 (If near £500 I can do so) I'm looking for an Ok computer that can run only a Few Old School Games (Some bad) Creative Destruction, ROBLOX, Minecraft thats the list of games I would play on the Laptop. I would like a DVD Drive inside of the computer so I can watch some movies on it. I would rather buy a Laptop on Amazon Prime UK Amazon UK Link (Where I would rather buy) < there is where I would buy the computer. ps. I'm reuploading this since my one is from 3 hours ago and I got a Price for £642.00 that I couldn't afford. Moderators if you can delete the other post would be thankful! Link to the Linus Tech Tips post by me I think it wouldn't be in the post box anymore. If you can help I would be extremely thankful if you do help! - ASDChillGaming