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  1. callum-

    Steam, Really?

    Apart from other marketplaces such as Origin,Uplay,Gog,etc. there isn't another option nowadays They all work in the same way as Steam I believe GOG is the exception though
  2. Are you accessing the server like this ipaddress:port?
  3. He mentioned it in a video recently about his home media setup. I can't remember what it is called but I'm sure he said that it is discontinued
  4. If the speeds don’t improve even although it’s a pain I probably will still have to reinstall Windows. The PNY site states that the read should be 510 mb/s and the writes 390 mb/s
  5. Happy to help. Fractal do make good cases
  6. I did set it to AHCI Mode and the reads are better but the writes are still slow. Overall system performance doesn't seem faster though
  7. Noctua has a good list on cases that fit the NH-D15 https://noctua.at/en/nh-d15/ccomp
  8. What size is your motherboard?
  9. Would going into safe mode not do the same as these commands? Edit: Just realised these commands make it easier to boot into safe mode
  10. I know that I have used 88% disk space and you should have under 75% used but I have been at 88% for a while now and the performance has only slowed down recently, there are no firmware updates available for my SSD. I did take a look in the BIOS and the SATA type is IDE instead of AHCI which could be the issue, however when I changed it to AHCI Windows refused to boot so I changed it back to IDE. Are you aware of any reason Windows would not boot? Thanks
  11. I noticed over the past few days that the SSD was getting slower so I decided to run Crystal Disk Mark and was shocked with the results. Even although Crystal Disk Info shows the drive health as good I'm not sure that it is. I saw this article (https://www.pny.com/mega-support/solid-state-drives-faqs) "Why is my SSD not as fast as it used to be?" it states that it could be because more of the space on the drive is getting used but I don't believe this is the case as I don't store anything on the drive and I haven't installed any new programs recently.
  12. I do run backups but probably not as often as I should, I don't think I have backed up my boot SSD for a few weeks now. I know where the SATA configuration is in my BIOS.
  13. I am just backing up my SSD now, I did wonder if it was something to do with the BIOS I will look at the BIOS once the backup has completed and see if it is set to AHCI.
  14. I believe the case has two 120mm mounts. I have not tried lowering the fan speeds. I will run OCCT later and post the results.