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  1. My cpu is often at 100% and it was max temp for a while, but then i oc-ed and it helped.
  2. I reinstalled Windows 1 year after upgrade, and installer drivers etc, i always clear other tasks that im not using too. I only use discord.
  3. Ait, ive had my pc for 2 years now. Its home built and i started off with a gtx 1050, i3 8350k and 8gb ram. Now i have this: i3 8350k GTX 1070 32 gb ram Iv'e had issues lately while im on servers in fivem for gta 5. I get insane frame drops, down to 30 fps. I was wondering if it might be a bottle neck, and should i down grade to a 1060 or like a 970 if so? Kinda going cheap this time
  4. My pc restarts once everytime i try to boot it and after thet it works. I figured it might be the psu so here are my specs: i7 8700k 2x rtx titan nvlink 64gb ram g skill 4400mhz Asus Rog strix Z390-f 1600w evga g2 80+platinum corsair h150i rgb for the i7 So i think my pc needed more power but im not sure.
  5. I am going to reinstall windows because i have some files on it that wont be deleted. so how do i clear windows 10 without waiting 13hours.
  6. Is thunderbolt 3 compatible with mini displayport?
  7. Well, is there any pc that is cheap and also is worth it?
  8. I have a lenovo t560 what are my options on eGPU and is there any cheap or older pc's that have Thunderbolt 3?