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  1. I agree with Dubba. you need any CPU cooler block, HSF or AIO, is properly installed and in complete contact with the CPU. any gaps will reduce cooling potential of any cooler.
  2. O...kay. i thought the block in the image has some of the screws out before/during block installation....
  3. Question: what is your CPU under that AIO block?
  4. oh... sorry.... damn eyes... i think i need to replace my glasses... XD anyways. what are you doing with your PC anyways? if gaming only, R5 3600 is enough. if you're really going for that 3900X on a board that dont list it on the compatible board... it's either you wait for someone tries and experiment on it or you take that risk. but it's up to you if you're going to go for the safe route and pick a board that supports the R9 3900X or gamble on the other boards. edit: it's gonna take a while before each MoBo manufacturers can completely test out their old line up to see which can handle newer chips.
  5. do you really need that 12 core, 24 thread monster? on a B350 mobo? you're better off using the R5 3600 and R7 3700X on a certified and compatible B350 mobo rather than try and cook your VRMs with a R9 3900X and pull off that like that 5ghz 220W FX-9590 did with most of it's Motherboard.
  6. actually, in gaming. having the GPU being THE bottleneck is good. it's the CPU being the bottleneck in a gaming rig is the problem. edit: get at least 1st gen Ryzen or a 6th gen Intel.
  7. unfortunately, you cant have that everywhere in the world...
  8. they want it as quiet as breathing. me, i'm okay with fan noise.... till that fan noise says "i'm dying, replace me" or generate noise as annoying as nails scratching the chalkboard.
  9. ha! R5 1600, OC's to 3.9ghz @ 1.35v and My rig is chilling around 41-52C on idle while 76-82 C during stress test. my room is not Aircon cooled. just fan assisted air circulation. my CPU cooler is the Cryorig H5 Ultimate when i perma OC'd my PC to 3.9ghz. and i was mostly gaming on it so it's not THAT bad on temps on actual usage.
  10. you can get the best compatible B350 MoBo for that R5 3600. After updating it to the latest BIOS of course. Hardware Unboxed have tested it on Asrock's AB350M Pro4 and they didnt even gone thru the R5 3600 as the R7 3700X reports around 33 to 47 C in the VRMs area. some downside of putting the R5 3600 on the AB350M pro4 is RAM speed is apparently limited to 3000mhz, which is weird as when they tested the R9 3900X and R7 3700X, they managed to run all of their test at 3200mhz RAM.... but they're greeted with a BSOD when they tried the blender test at 3200mhz ram with the R5 3600. performance difference between X570 and B350 is little to none from their testing when using the R5 3600. of course, if you want to be sure then get a decent B450 mobo.
  11. tell me about it. I lived in the Philippines and the temps here at worse its 40~42C with some area hits 45C. anyways, as long as your CPU dont hit that 85-90C temps, you're still fine. till you decided to replace your rig.
  12. I think gigabyte have the X570 Aorus Xtreme ATX board that dont have any fan on it but it was all heatsink so expect it to be heavy.
  13. just go for a dual channel 2x8gb RAM kit or get another identical 8gb RAM you currently have and put it in there. I've tried it already with my old gaming PC that got a ddr3 8gb then buy another for a dual channel as it got only 2 ram dimm slots. but there's no reason to go 32gb of ram if you're planning to game only. 16gb is the recommended but you're still be able to get away with 8gb of ram, depending on the game.
  14. *Sees R3 1200* *then saw a X370 Mobo.*
  15. nope. no need to update. the newer BIOS OS can work with older Ryzen CPUs.... although you sure about using R3 1200 at this point? I would understand if it's R5 1600.