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  1. do you think few air bubbles under its film(the plastic protection skin on the card) is a sign of used card? which it did come with this issue while I was unboxing it
  2. do you mean flash bios for 2070 super? I am not sure how to do it, may I have a guide? but I have checked gpu-z, on reading of its bios, power range seems to be same as others shared online.
  3. why? I have seen people even have fps increase on same game with win7 than stupid win10. you may find many video on youtube about that.
  4. Just brought a 2070 super asus strix rog few days ago, I found max fps is much lower than it should be. here is my rig asus strix 2070 super, switch in on left, perfomance mode 2700x @ 4.0 all cores 24/7 x470 prime pro bios 1004 8gx2 ddr 3000mhz set in dual channel only 1 old blue 1T HDD 550W Gold plus PSU from superflower, SF-550P14XE (+12V 45.5A) side glass of computer case is opened for better cooling and provide some heat for Canada winter as well. OS: windows 7 sp1, Nvidia driver 441.20 fresh installed via DDU Power plan in nvidia panel and windows panel both has been optimized. (has been set as "prefer performance") get like max 70fps in valley benchmark1.0 basic, ultra setting @ 1080p, no AA enabled. get 20fps in towns of the outer world no matter low or high settings 80fps in tspawn of csgo train map, everything low at 1080p 144hz in games it constantly drawing 0.72V no matter what, graph of GPU voltage on msiafterburner is flat as hell. should I get some device to check plugs in my room/ breaker for output limit as well? Afterburner OC test 04:52:37 Connected to MSI Afterburner control interface v2.3 04:52:40 GPU1 : VEN_10DE&DEV_1E84&SUBSYS_87281043&REV_A1&BUS_10&DEV_0&FN_0 04:52:41 Core clock +0MHz 04:52:41 Start testing, please wait a few minutes 04:57:44 Test completed, confidence level is 90%
  5. thanks I have all right tools, just wait for new gpu and monitor arrive so that I can watch 2 porns same time!
  6. Hi lovely people, I have never done setting up dual monitors so have I been here to ask helps. I am getting a gigabyte 5700xt in few days and also a new monitor, my old xl2411z does not have dp port so I want to make a dual monitor setup, my new monitor is for gaming and connecting video card via dp port, my old one is for social loafing and connecting same video card via HDMI. 1) will this setup work? 2)if not, what is the right steps to do 3)if it work, are there any performance decrease(i.e fps drops) than just using one monitor to play games? thanks
  7. As I mentioned both my old cpu xeon 1230v3 and new 2700x are running at relatively chill temp, 2700x never reach about 75 while gaming
  8. they are supposed to do the job but broken ratio is what I consider, as I mentioned I bought one seagate 1t hdd in 2015 and died after half year, a lot of P_ _N collection has been gone forever.
  9. Hi lovely people Too many P_ _N in my old 1 t disk apparently I need new place for girls video... https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/products/internal-hard-drive/#A=2000000000000,15360000000000&i=25,24&sort=price&t=7200&page=1 This is what I am searching, I realize that someone on amazon is selling outdated WD2000FYYZ which seems to be made in 2013 and I have heard of good name from WD2005/2003FYYZ but not 2000. And I also have bad experience with seagate because back 2015 my brand new seagate 1T disk died within half year usage (rip my old hentai animes) any suggestions for buying a 2 t hdd..? thank you
  10. No i cant do that certain software having so many issues on windows 10 and I hate to interface layout on win10 as well.