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  1. The prices will vary a lot since I'm in India, though I will most probably buy the laptop in this summer(June - July)... Less weight would be appreciated but I would be willing to carry something as heavy as the G7... More battery = better
  2. I'm an industrial design student in India doing my bachelors... I have been eyeing the gaming and premium segment of laptops for a long time and I'll be getting a laptop in the second half of 2019... After considering all the factors, including performance, reliability and service... I've come to narrow it so down to 2 laptops... The XPS 15 and the Dell G7 15 inch... The only reason I don't want to buy the XPS is that it's gonna get a complete redesign this year and it will surely be much more expensive than the current Gen and I don't want to get an outdated product, especially when the 1050Ti in the XPS is on its way out, along with the fact that the 2019 Dell G7 15 provides an RTX2060 for the same price... What should I get??? How long can I rely on the 1050ti and the old thermal design of the XPS? Should I get the G7 over the XPS? Should I wait for the next gen XPS?