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  1. bdz19872005

    i5 6500 Replacement

    Yea, I would fully agree with the i7 recommendation. I haven't used AMD myself so I can't comment on that. My rig is close to yours. I5-6500 RTX 2060 Especially in CPU bound games like the newer AC or BFV the I5 seems to struggle to maintain 60 fps (and put the GPU to sleep to boot)
  2. bdz19872005

    I5-2500k or 6500

    I already have the new GPU covered (purchased a 2060) and I've had the i5-6500 installed for a while, just didn't know if I should cut my losses, go back to the 2500k and sell the 6500. I've checked the board and ram and everything would be compatible if I did, the only thing I was worried about would be switching from a 6th Gen back to a 2nd Gen, but it seems like that won't be an issue. I do have a purchase like the 8600k planned, just might be farther off than I would like.
  3. bdz19872005

    I5-2500k or 6500

    So about 8 months ago I was a bit of a newbie and when looking for a cpu upgrade for my i5-2500k I purchased a i5-6500, of course not being an upgrade at all (I now think) and just losing the OC capability. My question is, should I switch back to the 2500k for now (I tend to upgrade something yearly and recently got a Zotac Twin Fan 2060) , or should I stay with the more recent 6500? Both have stock clocks at 3.2 and quad core. My games (shadow of the tomb raider, division 2, Sekiro) feel fine at max on 1080p (max my display supports) so performance isn't really an issue. I don't tend to track FPS long as I catch myself staring at it instead of playing the game, so as long as I don't notice hitching or dips and it's stable I'm happy. However I'm wondering if staying with the newer 6500 will help me in any way, or should I switch back to the 2500k and have a bit of fun with the OC. I'm not entirely sure what the newer generations bring to the table. All I know is it taught me to do a bit more research before I drop $150 on basically the same chip I'm "upgrading" from.